Velvet Skincare Launches New Line Of Organic and All-Natural Skin Care Products announces a new line of organic skin care that incorporates advanced antioxidants, while eliminating the use of animal testing and harmful parabens.

Writing for "Allure" magazine in an article entitled "Skin Care, A to Z" contributors Jolene Edgar and Cara Birnbaum want readers to have a better understanding of the many ingredients that make up skin care treatments. They report, "There are several natural ingredients that have recently made significant breakthroughs in skin care. By using products that feature these naturally found compounds, every individual can have a younger, healthier and more vibrant complexion."

Writers Edgar and Birnbaum continue, "Consumers should look for products which contain Peptides. These small protein molecules repair the skin by promoting the growth of collagen. Skin care experts also recommend skin care treatments that utilize Hyaluronic Acid. This acid found naturally in sugar will improve skin by holding onto and maintaining moisture levels. Last and not least are Antioxidants. These ingredients actively work to reduce free radicals by nourishing the skin with potent nutrients."

Meeting the needs of consumers who are searching for a safer and more natural route to skin care is the mission of Velvet Skincare. Company founder Jeanette Ryan explains her philosophy in this way, "I have developed a line of skin care that is perfect for the person who recognizes the health advantages of organically based skin products."

Ms. Ryan adds, "These are products that I designed especially for my clients and their skin care issues. Along with my staff, we use them daily for beauty rejuvenation in my own Velvet Day Spa. My skin care products hydrate, calm and nourish the skin. All the products in my skin care line achieve this using absolutely no parabens, chemicals or other harmful additives"

Jeanette Ryan describes some exciting news about her skin care line. "I am proud to announce several new products that illustrate how organic products can be both luxurious and an integral part of everyone's esthetic regimen. These new skincare products utilize only natural ingredients featuring peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Best of all, they can be purchased exclusively at"

"I want everyone to know that they can have beautiful healthy skin without the use of artificial ingredients or potentially harmful parabens. As a licensed esthetician, it is important to me that all of my products are produced utilizing the highest level of medical grade ingredients. Every product applied on clients at my salon or available online through is created sans animal testing. This further exemplifies the commitment of Velvet Skincare to kindness, health and a holistic future for all."

About Velvet Skincare:

Velvet Skincare was developed for use at the Velvet Day Spa. Founded in 2007 by make-up artist and licensed esthetician Jeanette Ryan, this spa emphasizes a natural approach to beauty and overall wellness. Within this spa, clients can experience advances in esthetics at its best using advanced techniques and equipment.

Velvet Skincare is now available for purchase online and is organically produced using a selection of the purest ingredients. All selections in this skin care line have been designed to avoid artificial substances, including potentially dangerous chemicals like parabens.

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