Vein Health Medical Clinic Now Offering Non-Invasive Varicose Vein Treatment

Old style surgical treatments have been replaced by non-surgical care confirms medical clinic.

Until quite recently the standard treatment for people suffering from varicose veins was a procedure known as vein stripping. It involved a hospital stay, general anesthesia, and incisions through which a wire was inserted into the diseased vein in order to capture it and rip it from the body. In addition to possible complications from anesthesia, patients ran the risk of infection, post operative bleeding, allergic reactions, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Vein Health Medical Clinic of Melbourne, Victoria is pleased to offer several less invasive varicose vein treatment options that are efficacious same day treatments for all types of varicose veins. There is a growing consensus within the medical community that these non-invasive treatments have a greater rate of success, fewer complications and dramatically reduced recovery time.

Vein Health Medical Clinic founder, Dr. Peter Paraskevas, had this to say. "Many people fail to seek prompt treatment for their varicose veins because they remember stories of their parents' vein stripping experiences. Vein disease worsens if not treated, causing restlessness, tingling, itching, aching, throbbing and swelling. Eventually vein ulcers, blood clots phlebitis and other complications may eventually develop. Today's treatments are able to be performed in the office, cause little if any pain, are affordable and the patient can walk out and go directly back to work. There is nothing to fear and everything to be gained by seeking prompt treatment." The practice seeks to actively change the pervasive and negative view of varicose vein treatment that is still a holdover from previous methodologies.

In addition to improved comfort, patients generally find that the appearance of the areas where their varicose veins were located are greatly improved following treatment. The veins are no longer entirely functional or required by the body which has grown a new network of vessels as a workaround to carry blood. Once treated, the distended veins will eventually be absorbed by the body. Varicose veins affect men and women equally, from every walk of life and at all different ages. Even young people are often affected. Following varicose veins treatment in Melbourne, patients will be monitored for follow-up care needs and will be screened for any subsequent venous abnormality.

About Vein Health Medical Clinic:
Vein Health Medical Clinic was founded in 2005 by Dr. Peter Paraskevas in order to provide comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and care for all sorts of vein related conditions including venous ulceration, spider veins and varicose veins. The clinic seeks to provide safe and modern non-surgical treatment for those suffering from venous disease in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment.

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