Vein Health Medical Clinic Introduces Radial-Tip Laser for EVLA Varicose Treatment

Even gentler than already-successful bare-tip laser, new radial tip will reduce risk of discomfort further, while remaining as effective at treating varicose veins, Vein Health Medical Clinic reports

Vein Health Medical Clinic, Melbourne's top source of non-surgical relief for venous diseases of all kinds, will now make use of radial-tip laser fibers for endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) vein treatment. With EVLA already being a popular and highly effective treatment for varicose veins, the switch to the new radial-tip laser fibers will ensure that even fewer of the clinic's patients experience subsequent discomfort. Founded and led by Dr. Peter Paraskevas, MBBS, FRACGP, FACP, GCertHSc, Vein Health Medical Clinic provides comprehensive, minimally invasive outpatient treatments for a wide range of the venous problems people in the Melbourne area experience.

"Between EVLA and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, almost every case of varicose veins today can be treated without invasive surgery," said Dr. Peter Paraskevas, "With such a gratifying record of results already in place, we're happy to announce that we will now employ radial-tip laser fibers in our EVLA work. Gentler than the traditional linear, bare-tip fibers, these will make it even more likely that our patients will enjoy relief from varicose veins with no lasting discomfort or other side effects."

The veins of the human body are equipped with valves that prevent blood from surging backward as pressure within them drops and reverses. Over time, these valves can break down, causing the affected veins to swell under the effects of double duty. Left untreated, these swollen varicose veins, which occur most commonly in the legs, can lead to a range of health problems, in addition to being unsightly.

Treatment used to mean invasive surgery focused on removing the broken-down veins entirely. Today, though, there are generally better options, as with the technique known as endovenous laser ablation, which is effective in 95% to 98% of all applications. The EVLA technique revolves around the use of a fiber-optic laser which is inserted through a tiny incision and then pulsed to seal off the malfunctioning vein. Unlike the traditional approach, EVLA leaves most patients able and, in fact, encouraged to resume their normal activities right away.

By employing newly developed radial-tip laser fibers for the EVLA procedure, Vein Health Medical Clinic will make it even more likely that patients will enjoy relief without side effects. Because the radial laser tip emits energy in a 360 degree arc instead of in a single, focused line, it is gentler on the surrounding tissues, while still being just as effective.

The deployment of the new technology is characteristic of the Vein Health Medical Clinic, where doctors stay continually abreast of all the latest treatment options. Vein Health Medical Clinic specialists employ a holistic approach to the treatment of venous disorders, making use of safe, non-surgical techniques to ensure that the lives of patients are never needlessly disrupted. Those interested in reading more about the new radial-tip EVLA procedure or any of the clinic's other services can do so at the Vein Health Medical Clinic website.

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