Vecaro Lifestyle - Hoverboard Ride Control Mobile App for More Sensational and Efficient Ride

Vecaro Lifestyle with New Mobile App Brings Unprecedented Experience of Hovering around

Vecaro Lifestyle Hoverboards has changed the personal transportation game once again with the new exclusive Hoverboard ride control mobile application. The new application connects to the hoverboard through a smartphone with the help of blue tooth. To revolutionizing the new experience of using the latest version of the product, Vecaro Lifestyle mobile app for hoverboards is available to all Vecaro customers through Google Play as well as the App Store. The app has brought new sensations to the sports which had never been experienced before by the users.
The new versions of 2017 UL certified hoverboard from Vecaro that are manufactured with the latest technology based interface are Trek-X, Glide X, and Glide. The three versions are available in numerous different colors. The style is sleek and the structure is sturdy enough that riders can hoverboard off-road, grassy patches, sandy beaches and muddy tracks without any difficulty. The wheels are smooth and strong to cut their way through different tough conditions.
The hoverboard ride control mobile application is originally offered by Vecaro alone and no other hoverboard for sale from unknown companies can connect to a mobile with this app. This is well-known among the users of hoverboards that the expertise of using a hoverboard depends on the expertise of the user but the new version of Vecaro safest hoverboards has changed this concept. With the help of hoverboard ride control mobile application you can adjust the speed limit, driving force and set steering sensitivity. Now, children from a young age to elderly people can enjoy the safe and fun ride on hoverboards.
Apart from setting the levels from beginner to expert in the new safe hoverboard, there is more for the riders. The Company offers fun and entertainment moments to the users by offering the wireless streaming with Bluetooth speaker so that they can enjoy their favorite music while hovering around. This is a whole new experience that is setting new lifestyle for hoverboard fans. With the new safest hoverboard the users are going to experience a whole new trend that is all about new technology and better performance through efficient production and reliable mechanism.

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