VDV Token Announces The Start Of Payment Gateway Via CoinPayment

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Innovative ecommerce payment solution, VDV Token, announces the start of payment gateway via CoinPayment amidst partnership deals with stores

The team at VDV Token has continued to record amazing success since the official launch of the “new generation ecommerce payment system.” In a related development, the payment solution has been adopted by several stores in different parts of the world with a recent announcement of partnership deals with stakeholders as well as the start of payment gateway via CoinPayment.

The world of digital currency has continued to evolve over the years, as more businesses and individuals across the globe look to leverage the immense features and benefits of the concept. The multi-billion-dollar digital asset market has witnessed the emergence of a plethora of solutions to meet the diverse needs of different stakeholders – businesses, developers, and consumers. However, it is looking like the bar has been raised higher with the emergence of VDV Token, with the reviews already gotten from users as well as businesses further substantiating this claim.

The launch of the VDV Token is particularly timely, considering the massive expansion and adoption going on in the online retail industry, a phenomenon that has not been particularly met with comprehensive payment solutions. Described as “the payment of the future,” the VDV Token aims to link the world’s old money with the futuristic concept of programmable money, giving users a full control of their interest.

VDV Token offers an integration of the existing eCommerce business of Virvia into the blockchain industry, ultimately adding value to customers by offering them a simple yet relatively affordable payment system, reducing transaction costs to 0.5%, helping customers to save money and businesses to get more patronage. Consequently, adding the VDV Token by merchants is a win-win situation for all parties, as they ease the process of transaction and making payments, ultimately increasing their sales.

The token is currently listed P2PB2B, BabySwap, VINDAX, and CoinGecko, recently partnering CoinMarketCap, CoinPayments, whose payment gateway can be set up on the most popular eCommerce plugins, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart and Magento. Crypto coins and Tokens can also be converted to stable currencies such as USDT, reducing coins’ volatility.

As part of the goal of ensuring that as many people and businesses as possible enjoy the benefits of crypto, the VDV Token team is in the process of sealing deals with brick-and-mortar stores as the network continues to expand worldwide.

For more information about VDV Token and to be a part of the ecommerce payment revolution, visit – www.vdvtoken.io. The campaign also continues across social media, including YouTube, Twitter and Telegram.

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