VCMBC Magazine Launches New Choices Initiative To Help People Make Positive Life Changes

VCMBC Magazine has helped people with their health, nutrition and lifestyle for years, and has now created a new series of articles on choices, to help people be proactive in getting healthier.

Diet and exercise are well known as important factors in overall health and wellbeing, but there are so many factors that sadly go ignored. People looking for real, lasting change must also look to their psychology, and by extension, their behaviour, in order to really see the results they are looking for. VCMBC Magazine – the Voice of Confidence, Magic, Beauty & Care – has been active for years in helping people make healthier lifestyle choices, by sharing product reviews and more. Known as the ‘Healthiest Website Outhere’, they are now focusing on helping people make different choices, by demonstrating how easy swaps can have dramatic results. The first such article is focused on diet.

The new article looks at areas in people’s lives where they can make simple swaps of one thing for another, to create a dramatic improvement in their nutrition. The idea is to allow people to keep similar behaviors and schedules while still enjoying transformative positive change.

With an emphasis on simplicity, the article describes how candy can be easily exchanged for specific fruits, drinks exchanged for herbal teas and fortified drinks, all to get far more nutrition into the body through the same snacking and drinking behaviors. Small changes with big results.

A spokesperson for VCMBC explained, “We are excited about offering people the simplest possible changes they can make. First to their diet, then to their exercise, and finally to their lifestyle. By offering people just a few simple, straightforward choices, we can have a profound effect on them. Our hope is that by encouraging people to take their first, easy steps into this broader world, it will embolden them to continue the pursuit of active lifestyle change. If they stick to it, the rewards could be immense.”

About VCMBC: VCMBC is an online health magazine that focuses on healthy eating, living, exercise, beauty, and weight loss. Based in New York, the staff writes to help their readers make smarter lifestyle choices, almost all of which they use themselves. The website has seen rapid growth over the last year and has unveiled a redesigned interface with new writers to give their visitors a better user experience.

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