VC Splitter Software Could Help Marketers Test, Track And Improve Their Website Within A Few Minutes

If you are looking for a product that lets you create high-quality content to get more clicks and revenue, or engage your audience with your site, then VC Splitter software suits you perfectly.

VC Splitter is a brand new system that allows marketers to A/B Test any content easily. All marketers have to do is to design their split tests, naturally within Visual Composer to start out. Next, they need to replicate their old content to make a split test variation and customize it. Marketers will be able to identify what button locations are the most effective, what heading text, what photos that their users are watching and clicking, etc. This product can help marketers design and develop their website as well as integrates naturally with Visual Composer - The number one page builder for WordPress.

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VC Splitter software facilitates its users to modify their website based on the preferences of their viewers to decrease their bounces and generate more clicks, sign ups and incomes. This is the perfect pairing to easily change layouts, headings, buttons or any components to split test and instantly develop their site.

Marketer’s website will deliver one variation at a time to their audience, monitoring views, clicks, bounces, bounce rate and click through rate as well as make it easy for them to compare what messaging works best.

Once users purchase VC Splitter Pro, they are able to do the following things:

• Naturally build A/B split tests inside Visual Composer
• Examine any Visual Composer element combination
• Check out statistics of each test when it comes to views, clicks and bounces.
• Toggle if a test will be displayed on mobile devices
• Figure out what their users like and what needs to be enhanced

In case marketers are missing out on clicks and sales because of poor-quality content, or their users not engaged with their website as much as they expected, VC Splitter app will help them deal with these problems. The tool solves this and more through advanced A/B Split Testing which provides marketers with the data on what their real visitors are interacting with and what needs to be improved. They can also test what content and design work best with their viewers to attract their attention.

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Thanks to the power of VC Splitter Pro, marketers are able to identify which CTA buttons are getting their users clicking, which headings capture their attention and even what image complements their message the most. Creating and managing a site has now become easier than the past. The software provides marketers with the instant knowledge on what users are clicking on, as well as what kind of content is making them bounce.

VC Splitter is very easy to use, and is offered as a component to function naturally within Visual Composer. The product covers from split testing starters to analytical geniuses. That is why marketers can improve their website via their real user's preferences.

Moreover, the product includes easy to follow guidelines. Now marketers can make these improvements without having any technical experience and start making income month after month.

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