Vax Validated, LLC Announces Free Online COVID Vaccination Registration, Free Digital Certification, and Business Vax Validation

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A new online portal,, provides free online registration of your COVID vaccination, a free online Vax Certificate and a free personal Vax QR Code within about 3-5 minutes, so your vax credentials are digitally available whenever and wherever you need them

Wilmington, DE: The free registration is also part of an effort to end the effects of the COVID pandemic for good through awareness and community immunity.

COVID-19 vaccinations bring hope to a world that has been bruised by the global coronavirus pandemic. While governments, medical experts and scientists do their best to find the ultimate solution that will bring our society back to normal, everyone seeks to ensure safety in the interim for themselves, their families, their friends and their communities. A higher level of protection against the coronavirus can be achieved through awareness. is a unique web portal that offers free registration and certification of COVID-19 vaccinations for individuals and for businesses, along with a free Vax QR Code that is digitally linked to the Certificate.

You can upload your vaccination card to attach it to your Vax Certificate and prove that you’re vaxxed and safe at all times, wherever you go. When your Vax QR Code is scanned with any mobile device, your online Vax Certificate appears instantly. No app required. (Note: Registration is free for individuals, but there’s a one-time fee for businesses).

"People should be able to easily and quickly demonstrate that they’re COVID vaxxed and safe wherever they go”, commented Joseph D’Alessandro, Marketing Associate for Vax Validated.

The Vax QR code can be shared on social media directly from the Vax Validated portal so that your community knows that you’re vaxxed and safe. You can also share it easily via email, blogs, personal website, newsletter, etc.

Vax Validated is also offering a free VaxWear Wristband with your personal Vax QR Code on it when you register. When your VaxWear Wristband is scanned with any mobile device, your Vax Certificate appears. This can be handy if you’re traveling, at work or in any public place because the people around you can see that you’re vaxxed and safe, and you can prove it to anyone with a simple scan of your VaxWear Wristband. Your own personal Vax QR Code is also embedded in any other VaxWear you may order from the VaxWear Store.

The people around me know that I’m vaxxed and safe by simply looking at my VaxWear wristband, and I notice that they immediately feel more comfortable and safer around me when they notice it. At Vax Validated, we're transforming our environment back to a pre-COVID world, before fist-bumps were the norm and we were comfortable shaking hands, giving a hug, and being close to others in any public place", stated Mr. D’Alessandro.

Vax Validated has a social mission to be part of the solution that will help end the COVID pandemic through community immunity, as it enables people and businesses to easily share their vax status within their networks. This engenders awareness through effective online and offline means and triggers a trickling effect that to create a positive macro impact. The process is commonly known as the “butterfly effect theory”, where a small action by few, trickles on to eventually create major change.

As more people get COVID vaccinated, register their vaccination and share their vax status within their own networks, the world inevitably becomes safer and the effects of the COVID pandemic eventually end because of community immunity and social awareness. Dr. Anthony Fauci, M.D., the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, speaks on the topic of community immunity in this video interview; and a free e-book from Vax Validated, as well as a recent Vax Validated blog post shed additional light on how awareness and digitally sharing your vax status can help end the COVID pandemic for good.

The Vax Validated portal is a free, easy, fast and handy way for people to demonstrate their vax status and to digitally prove it anywhere. It’s also a way for businesses to share the vax status of their employees in a verifiable way, so that their customers become instantly aware. No need to carry documents or risk losing your vaccination card because the free Vax QR Code makes it digitally available at all times.

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Name: Rosalyn Hedgepeth Project Manager
Email: Send Email
Organization: Validated, LLC
Address: 1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200 Wilmington, DE 19801