Vault Pro Scooters Celebrates Growing Popularity of Scootering Sport

Increased popularity of scootering sees new opportunities for enthusiasts reports Vault Pro Scooters.

Skate parks have seen a huge spike in use and popularity in recent years for several reasons. Some credit this boom to the popularity of the X-games and the mainstream publicity given to them, while still others point to fact skate parks provide an outlet for those teens not attracted to traditional team sports. Michael Lindstrom of Vault Pro Scooters in Culver City, CA points out one reason recently for the explosion of people who can be found at the skate parks.

"While freestyle scootering is a huge and growing sport, it has faced a negative reputation from skateboarders. Skate boarders have always looked down on scooter riders. Scooter riders have had to fight to be allowed in skate parks, as many skate park have (or at least used to) ban them. Today, in the skate parks that do allow pro scooter riders, it’s not uncommon for 50% or more of the riders to be on scooters rather than skate boards." Says Lindstrom.

According to Lindstrom, the world of pro scootering was born out of the basic Razor scooter toy for children over ten years ago. "Most people are familiar with Razor scooters (and those made by Razor’s competitors), which became the number one outdoor ride-on toy for kids back in 2002. What a lot of parents don’t know is that scooters have come a long way in the decade plus since every kid in the neighborhood could be seen whizzing up and down the street on their scooter. What happened is that as the scooter market evolved, kids started using their scooters to do increasingly challenging tricks. Eventually, scooters were made with fixed welded heads, and pro scooters were born. Now, there are Pro Scooter websites all over the place."

While called by different names, sometimes kick scooters or freestyle scooters, scootering is now a lifestyle sport, complete with competitions, pro levels and sponsorships. Lindstrom explains, "At Vault Pro Scooters, for example, our team consists of Black Smith, Arthur Plascencia, Arami Bryant and Luka Bryant. We recently competed in one of the biggest scooter competitions in the country: the SD7 Freestyle Scooter Competition in San Diego. Since we opened our doors in October 2012 we’ve become a go-to destination for kick scooter enthusiasts across Southern California, whether looking for a replacement Pro Scooter wheel or other parts, expert maintenance and repair or easy installations."

About The Vault Pro Scooters:
Opened in 2012 just blocks from the local skate park, the storefront is located in Culver City. The location has become the local hangout and home for scooter riders living in the area. The Vault servers as a creative space for today’s scooter riders, future riders and parents who live within the community, acting as a go-to authority for scooter parts and completes. The shop carries an incredible selection, including Phoenix scooters and even import special brands, like Apex.

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