Vault Prep Offers New Tutelage and Coaching For Admissions Essays, Exams and More

Vault Prep offers the very best in tutoring and test preparation throughout NY, San Fran, LA Shanghai and Beijing, and now offers the very best in admissions preparations thanks to new service.

Education is the most important single foundation stone of modern living, so it is no surprise that students and families alike take their education seriously, from the choice of their courses to the choice of the institutions that prepare them to enter the wider world. Almost all people who take their education seriously understand that they cannot achieve their aspirations alone, and will seek to enlist expert help. Vault Prep is a tutoring company operating in key locations in America and China, they have now created a service to help people prepare for admissions to colleges.

The new Vault Prep admissions and college counseling program has been created to help students, together with their families, overcome the stress and overwhelming nature of college admissions processes. They aim to impart confidence, clarity, and ease for their student. They set their expectations, up-skill students in the most important specific criteria to maximize their chances of success.

The coaching starts early, including helping people pick the right classes and activities to get them on track for admission to their preferred subject and college, right up to crafting admissions essays and crafting a personal narrative that will compel colleges to want them in their ranks. They even offer a free initial consultation to assess what will be best for each student.

A spokesperson for explained, “Vault Prep is pleased to be able to complete the cycle of services we offer, not only helping people with ongoing tuition for their existing courses and preparing them to ace their exams, but also helping shape what courses and extra curriculars they should take to give them the best chance of getting into their preferred colleges. Vault Prep helps students to appeal to those colleges by ticking all the boxes they are searching for, whether they be explicit or intuitive. We help make the route into college as clear as possible.”

About Vault Prep: Vault Prep is a tutoring company that services Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Their areas of expertise include SAT prep, ACT prep, college counseling, and math tutoring. They offer a one-stop-shop for all educational service needs. They provide integrated, holistic, and comprehensive tutoring, test prep, admissions, and mentoring programs.

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