Vapes.Com Raises Concerns About FDA’s Latest Proposition on Smoking joins hands with fellow businesses in an effort to help make the authorities a well-informed unbiased decision in favor of supporting vapes and vape related products.

Among conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, the latter is the lesser of the two evils. However, with the help of recent studies and enough research material, experts have demonstrated that e-cigs, or vapors, do not pose any illicit effect on the consumer’s health. What the vapes industry lacks is enough regulatory policies to help support the latest trend of e-cigs in favor of a socially and medically acceptable behavior worldwide.

According to several recent resources, authorities at the FDA recently announced new policies and tax implements that are generally meant to not only discourage the e-cigarette industry from making progress, but also an effort to drive small businesses towards an early surrender.

Despite of the adversity factor going on, the pioneers of the e-cigarette industry have maintained a strong foothold against conventional smoking fad. As a matter of fact, Vape.Com, an online web-store dedicated to help spread awareness about e-cigarettes, has reportedly made rapid progress in educating its loyal customers about the benefits of e-cigarettes as opposed to regular cigarettes.

After thoroughly conducting a conclusive study on tobacco and e-cigarettes, researchers at the PHE *(Public Health England) stated that e-cigarettes don’t have the potential to induce harmful effects as that of their counterpart. Some of the main highlights of the study suggested that vapors are beginning to become the most sought-after product despite of facing the possibilities of a ban imposed on the respective business operations worldwide.

The study also pointed out that tobacco not only carries increased chances of causing lung cancer at an early stage, but there are other issues such as fatigue, smell, lethargy and difficulty in breathing as years of excessive use go by. In addition, two different research studies conducted in 2012 lead to a discovery into long term effects of tobacco smoking in comparison against vapors.

Of the two studies, one suggested that vapors have 450 times lower toxicants count and trace elements that remained consistent with the products under review. On the contrary, tobacco cigarettes varied over intensity and negative effects as each brand of cigarettes came with a variance in quality of tobacco and the respective filter. (Ref – Levels of Selected Carcinogens & Toxicants in Vapor from Electronic Cigarettes, Comparison of The Effects of E-Cigarette Vapor and Cigarette Smoke on Indoor Air Quality).

It was also concluded that the FDA is still focused on retaining a tough stance on banning e-cigs. The business analysts, however, propose that if e-cigarette market is to prosper and encouraged at global level, it would severely impact the sales of traditional tobacco industries. To further reiterate on this statement, financial experts believe that even though e-cig products cost somewhere around $250 - $300 as a first time expense, their owners only have to buy e-liquid containers to continue regular uninterrupted use.

On an individual scale, these e-liquid containers last much longer than a single cigarette or an entire pack for that matter. This way, the net profits that would go to tobacco industry will be reduced drastically – hence causing a significant blow to the major brand players. The American vaper industry is in desperate need of help from consumers who wish to get by with a safe and morally acceptable smoking experience.

Local vape show owners have joined hands in collaboration with many other leading e-cigarette business owners to voice their concerns through a unanimous platform. The FDA is requested to make an informed decision rather than making a biased one for the benefit of daily consumers. As of now, there are several petitions made available at different websites. These petitions will be forwarded to the competent authorities to enable them into putting an end to this farce once and for all. It is humbly requested on behalf of struggling vapes businesses worldwide to recognize the fact that using e-cigarettes is not only the better option, but it also does not contribute to an increased mortality rate.

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