Vape Like a Boss Launches Research Site Informing E-Smokers of Brands & Reviews

E-Cigarettes sales expected to cross $1 billion mark in 2013 and Vape Like a Boss launches to help consumers make informed E-Cigarette choices.

E-cigarette sales are expected to cross the $1 billion mark for the first time in 2013, according to sales projections from the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. With sales more than doubling since their inception in 2008, the introduction of these electronic alternatives have been been taking the world by storm, says Vape Like a Boss author Nick Hein.

Hein, author of an online research site for information about electronic cigarette brands says, "Smokeless cigarettes are taking the world by storm as a great and much healthier alternative to smoking. Numerous studies show that changing to smokeless cigarettes drastically cuts down on the damages of smoking, and our staff's own experience using e-cigarette supports that data. Everyone knows the benefits of quitting smoking and the chances are, after you buy an electronic cigarette, you will not want to go back to analogs."

In addition to being healthier, Hein says some people use the electronic cigarettes as a bridge to help themselves quit smoking altogether. In fact, e-cigarette statistics show 31 percent of people who tried e-cigarettes actually quit smoking within six months. Hein continues, saying other factors also encourage smokers to switch over to e-cigarettes. "There still aren't any real studies about the long term effects, but millions of satisfied users are saying that the smokeless cigarettes have changed their lives for the better, more than they had ever guessed. There is no need to inhale poisonous smoke in a blizzard outside while others complain that you smell bad because of your habit, is just one. They can be smoked just about anywhere you go, because there is no smoke. So, people can actually use them in restaurants, public buildings or their cars without fear of offending other people."

The problem many new e-cigarette buyers find in the beginning is they don't know which brand of cigarette to buy. Says Hein, "With regular cigarettes, brand loyalty was everything. You smoked the same brand almost from day one. But with e-cigarettes, novices don't know where to start. That's where our site comes in. We offer reviews and opinions to help the newbie out. You will find a Pro Vape review at or one of the many other brands there, too. There are dozens and dozens of e-cigarette brands out there and we haven't tried each and every one of them, but we've tried several and picked some of our favorites to feature on this site. We will only add e-cigarette stores that we like and trust."

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Vape Like A Boss is an online research site for those looking for more information about electronic cigarette brands including articles, tutorials, stores, and recommendations. Additionally, they provide a complete FAQ for the novice e-cigarette smoker, providing information on proper nicotine strengths, the safety of electronic cigarettes and possible side effects associated with e-cigarettes.

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