Vape Like a Boss Highlights Benefits of Smokeless Cigarettes

The popularity of Electronic Cigarettes continues to rise at an amazing rate reports Vape Like a Boss who highlights the benefits of smokeless cigarettes.

Citi, the investment bank, believes the smokeless cigarette is one of ten technologies which will have a significant impact on the way global business is done. Citi projects, by 2015, global sales of the smokeless cigarette will reach $3.2 billion. In 2010, sales came in at $416 million. "For those who have considered trying a vapor cigarette, now is the time to do so with many electronic cigarette brands to select from," Nick Hein of Vape Like a Boss declares.

Studies repeatedly show that smokeless cigarettes reduce the risks associated with smoking. At this time, no long terms studies have been done examining the long term effects of the cigarettes, yet users state the vapor cigarette improves their lives in a number of ways. "Smokers love the fact that they don't have to give up a habit they enjoy as they have an alternative," Mr. Hein goes on to say.

Smokers switching to smokeless cigarettes find the vapor cigarette doesn't contain tobacco. Tobacco contains chemicals such as butane, methanol and hydrogen cyanide and many chemicals found in tobacco have been shown to lead to heart disease and cancer. "When a person switches to one of the various electronic cigarette brands, their health improves and their risk of disease diminishes," Mr. Hein continues.

Electronic cigarettes don't form tar when they burn. The sticky substance remaining in cigarette filters after the tobacco is burned, tar leads to lung disorders such as emphysema. In addition, a vapor cigarette creates no ash when the tobacco burns. "The risk of fire goes down with the use of a vapor cigarette as no lighter is used and the vapor cigarette doesn't burn like tobacco cigarettes do. It just gives the appearance of a lit tobacco cigarette," Mr. Hein explains.

Users find electronic cigarettes to be enjoyable as they don't emit second hand smoke. Others are unable to complain about the smell of the vapor cigarette or about their health being damaged when this alternative to tobacco cigarettes is used. Furthermore, users tend to save money as electronic refill cartridges remain cheaper than packs of conventional tobacco cigarettes. "Every tobacco smoker should try a vapor cigarette. Many will find they don't want to go back to the tobacco versions once they do," Mr. Hein states.

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