Vanya Kaushik Foundation’s Leadership and Communication Summit 2021

Vanya Kaushik, the owner and founder of Vanya Kaushik Foundation along with Dr. Don Mcgrath and Mr. Bill Henrich are organizing the Leadership and Communication Summit 2021.

Vanya Kaushik, the owner and founder of Vanya Kaushik Foundation along with Dr. Don Mcgrath and Mr. Bill Henrich are organizing the Leadership and Communication Summit 2021. This resourceful and prominent Leadership and Communication Summit will be hosted by "Messages of Inspirational Stories" TV show broadcasted in association with Six Minute Webinar LLC and e360 tv in August 2021.

The summit will also be broadcasted on e360 tv with live streams to dozens of platforms from August 27th through August 29th. The show will be hosted by Jim Grant along with Michelle Mras, Carolyne Opinde and LaWanna Bradford, with Donna Guinouard and Mikayla Vidal of e360tv. This summit will also be broadcasted on Mulat Media (Philippines) app and their OTT platform and Indian Media, to reach out to millions of people across the globe.

Each day of the Leadership and Communication summit will be dedicated to a brand-new educational perspective. The first day of the upcoming event is dedicated to educators, the second to corporate personnel, and the third day to entrepreneurs. All three days of the great and universally interesting summit will be presented by subject-matter experts in their field.

The strategy-oriented summit will impart valuable sources of information to all the participants. Whether you are the head of a big company or a small enterprise owner, great communication and leadership skills are key to success in today’s competitive world.

From developing a deep understanding to creating a mutual value, the right communication and leadership skills are significant. They help people convey their messages with more clarity and achieve great success in all avenues of life. They also prepare leaders of tomorrow to have a lasting impact.

Vanya Kaushik Foundation, who is the organizer of this historic summit, is a non-profit organization. The revolutionary organization is working on developing the village area of Dudu, Rajasthan, India. Presently, the foundation covers Charasada, Chhapya, and Bhojpur amongst other areas, where they are working on Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting Plantation in draught areas, Empowerment and Education, etc.

The ethical foundation has also joined hands with the oldest NGOs in Rajasthan, ‘Prayas Kendra Sanstha’ and ‘Harsoli’. Together, they have helped the villages break through the chains of backwardness, educate the village people, educate children, and also empowered the women of Rajasthan. They have helped them raise a source of living for survival. And also, plan on touching new heights by developing responsible citizens for tomorrow.

The owner and founder of the foundation, Vanya Kaushik, will also be presenting at the Leadership and Communication Summit 2021. She is a renowned Celebrity Fashion Designer and Stylist by profession. She owns a Brand named, Vanya Kaushik Design Studio and has designed for Royal Family and various celebrities in India. The multitalented fashion designer is also a vocal artist as well as a philanthropist. She is the ambassador of 2 news channels as well as Smrutira Orissa International Trust. The young social activist and entrepreneur is also the senior board member of the International youth business communities. She has won several national and international awards too.

Bill Henrich, who is the co-creator of Six Minute Webinar technology is looking forward to presenting at the Leadership and Communication Summit as well. With over 50 years of expertise in the business field, the pioneer business coach works with highly successful business owners. He also deals with ‘C’ level executives frequently and is the author of 3 books. He is the best person to teach how to communicate clearly and concisely to persuade a call to action.

Dr. Don McGrath, who is also a co-creator of Six Minute Webinar will be joining the summit to impart knowledgeable insights to the participants. From advancing engineering certifications, leading successful teams, developing courses to ten years of coaching experience, he has a lot in store for the upcoming leaders. He is also the author of 6 books, holds 36 US Patents, and 3 Trademarks. With an extensive background, Dr. McGrath has a great hold over complex strategies and concepts. He presents them most simply to help individuals progress faster than usual.

Together, Vanya, Bill, and Dr. McGrath make the ultimate team for imparting the best leadership and communication skills. And that too, in the most practical and understanding way.

Collaborators can also join hands with Vanya Kaushik Foundation’s eminent Leadership and Communication Summit 2021. Organizations, brands, NGOs, foundations, trusts, associations, firms, and influencers, etc can all become collaborators for the impactful summit. On a promise to fulfill their duties towards the summit, the collaborators will receive extensive promotion prior, post, and during the summit.

All the collaborators will get the opportunity to become part of an extensive promotional media campaign that will provide the needful global exposure. From coverage in newspapers and magazines, social media coverage, interaction with elite international guests, to interaction with 50+ country delegates, participating in the biggest global summit surely comes with huge benefits.

Collaborators will also receive extensive promotion through the foundation and partnering social media websites. Their graphics will be used in the advertisements, have regular mentions during the summit, and have their logo displayed on the summit backgrounds amongst several other benefits.

Delegates includes Sherry Winn (Two time Olympic Gold Medallist), Rania Lampou (Ministry of Education, Greece), Piya Ratna( International President- International Youth Society, Nepal), Ahmed Radwan( Political and Entrepreneur, Egypt) , Corina Sujdea (Founder ICP, Romania), Dr. SHIV Kr Chakarvarti( former Dean- National Institute of Technology, India), Beata Bikowska (Personal Brand Designer, UK), Mohit Srivastava (Advisor Multilateral and International Trade Boards, India), Ravi Shankar( Space Exploration Program, India), Brian Reuben ( Strategy Leader, U.K.), Fadhillah Mahlian Shelsa (Founder of World Voice International, Indonesia), Deepti Saini( Beauty Pageants Winner), Megha Dubey (Mrs. Earth Ambassador, India), and many more.

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