Launches New Collaborative Flowchart App Created During Free Time

Vanila Web Studio are so dedicated to their work, they even develop fun apps in their free time, including the new collaborative flowchart app, WireFlow.

Functionality is now the biggest game changer in creating greater engagement with businesses. In an increasingly competitive digital sphere, apps are proving as important as websites in generating new audiences, increasing conversion and retention rates. Vanila Web Studio is a company that specializes in creating websites and JavaScript apps for online, mobile and desktop use. The company has just launched WireFlow, a collaborate flowchart creation app, which they created in their spare time to demonstrate ideas and features they are working on.

The new app allows for real-time collaboration on flowchart design, which can be invaluable for project planning and management, conceptualization and implementation. The app enables multiple users to be active at once, with an in-built IM feature for collaborators to discuss what they are doing. The new app is free to use, and serves as a proof-of-concept for the bespoke apps the business can create on behalf of businesses.

The new app is just one of many projects the company has going on – their graphic design arm has almost fifty thousand followers on Instagram, while their Ghost blog theme is one of the most popular on the open source website GitHub. Their Link Aggregator promises to create a TL:DR reading list to help people more accurately filter and select the most relevant information to their interests.

Stefan Smiljkovic, Founder of Vanila Web Studio explained, “We are always tinkering with something, and creating these fun apps like WireFlow is a great way for us to play with, stretch and reinvent the toolkit that we are working with, as well as demonstrate creative possibilities to potential clients. We have a lot of irons in the fire, thanks to the diversity of expertise inherent in our team. We want to help people understand the added value that apps can bring to a business, for both internal and consumer use.”

About Vanila Web Studio: Vanila Web Studio, or, is a remote team of coding professionals that have come together to build the apps of the future using the latest technologies. Confirmed JavaScript lovers, they create real-time apps for web, mobile and desktop. They use the Meteor.js and React.js frameworks together with React-Native, Nodejs and more. Their projects include website themes, graphic design, collaboration apps, aggregation apps and more. For more information please visit:

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