USEI Establishing Itself As A Leader In The Cannabis / Medical Marijuana Sector

SANTA CLARITA, CA / March 19, 2014 / USEI Cannabis Initiatives Corp, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of U.S Energy Initiatives Corporation (PINK:USEI) has been aggressively pursuing the Cannabis industry ever since the announcement of the subsidiary last month.

Just recently USEI CEO Anthony Miller attended the MJBA Vendor Fair in Seattle and a Hemp Growing Conference in Colorado. Miller clearly has a passion for USEI has stated "We (USEI) now have the capital, and we have been in touch with farmers in Colorado and seed providers. It is our hope to farm, or partner with farmers to grow hemp in Colorado; once legally permissible. We are also looking at other ventures in Colorado, that are related to growing technologies and marketing consumable products."

Miller has also stated March 18th “We (USEI) are establishing relationships in Colorado everyday and plan to obtain permanent offices in the state in the coming weeks. Next week, Management travels back to Seattle and Trachoma to finalize negotiations on these two ventures. Our tentative terms are that USEI will provide the capital for the expansion and marketing to Colorado and USEI and the firm(s) will divide the revenue after a return of the initial investment. Our goal is to provide high quality edibles, with verifiable THC content to a Colorado marketplace; a legal market that has a tremendous need for new products. As Washington's legal cannabis markets opens in the summer (2014) we should have refined our products for that burgeoning market too. Once successful here, we intend to market these products (and others) to the new markets that will ultimately open as well.”

The timing for USEI to enter the Cannabis sector could not have been better. In the last 45 days some major developments have occurred on both state and federal levels. Some major developments have included the passage of the Farm Bill by the US Government in February 2014 allowing the cultivation of Hemp on a federal level, legalization in Washington, and most recently the US signing off on studying marijuana in the treatment of PTSD.

It will be interesting to watch what further developments come about for USEI in the near future. One thing is certain, CEO Anthony Miller is not slowing down, he is going right after the Cannabis market.

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