Use Keyword Competition Analysis In RankingGap To Your Advantage

Learn and use RankingGap’s keyword competition analysis tool to your SEO advantage.

Keyword competition analysis helps digital marketers and content creators gauge powerful insights to boost their website's SEO. And the best thing about this strategy is that it'll help users identify their competitor's proven-to-rank keywords.


Keyword competition analysis is the type of SEO research strategy that helps website owners and content creators identify key phrases that their competition is using to rank their website. It is a strategy that analyzes the keywords your competitors used to rank their websites and compares them to your own keywords. 

A lot of website owners are discouraged from using keyword competition analysis because they consider it complicated and difficult to implement. That is the exact opposite of the truth. As the name suggests, keyword competition analysis is so easy to implement because you'll only need to rely on one single tool - RankingGap. Keyword competition analysis is one of the easiest SEO research strategies for any website owner to implement.

Why Use Keyword Competition Analysis?

Keyword competition analysis helps you identify the right keywords to rank your website within the search engine. It's a proven strategy to increase keyword competition and search visibility in Google.

It is a key component in boosting your website's rankings. It reveals your competitor’s top keywords and helps you to analyze which are the best keywords to focus on in your content and convert into website traffic. Keyword competition analysis also helps you in narrowing down the search behavior and a target audience who would be interested in the website content.

How To Do Keyword Competition Analysis

While most experts use competitive data in combination with other SEO tactics, going with competitive keyword analysis alone can give you the best chances of ranking high on SERP. To do this, you should follow the three-step process below: 

  1. Choose a competitive keyword generator to find the most popular keywords like RankingGap. 
  2. Analyze competitor sites to see what they're doing and look at what keywords they're using on their site. 
  3. Look through competitor sites to see what keywords you're missing and why. 

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to guide you through the process: What keywords are these competitor sites ranking? What keywords are they using on their site that I also have? What keywords would most of us don’t rank? What keywords am I not ranking for?


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