US Prepper Gear Announces Sale On Emergency Medical Supplies

The survival gear supplier is currently offering a discount on a variety of medical supplies and first aid kits to help Americans be prepared for a disaster, reports

With natural disasters, financial crises, and political instability posing continual threats to the social order, some Americans are making serious efforts to prepare for an uncertain future in which worst-case scenarios may come to pass. Known as "preppers," these individuals want to make sure that they and their loved ones survive a catastrophe by stocking up on supplies. In order to promote effective disaster preparedness, online retailer US Prepper Gear has announced a sale on a variety of medical kits and first aid supplies, reports

According to US Prepper Gear's founder Charles Countryman, "A lot of preppers who are new to the lifestyle tend to focus on building up their food stores, weapons, and ammunition. While having a food supply is obviously important to survival, so is medical care, and in the event of a total social breakdown, people may not be able to rely on doctors and hospitals. I can't emphasize enough the importance of having as many medical supplies on hand as possible."

Visitors to US Prepper Gear's website at can find a range of first aid kits and other emergency medical supplies. The medical kits on sale now contain supplies to treat wounds, like a variety of bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain pills, antibiotics, latex gloves, and surgical equipment, among other things. The kits are compiled in-house and packed into light-weight and easy-to-carry bags. The largest and most comprehensive pack currently available is the First Responder first aid kit. OSHA and ANSI-approved, the kit contains over 500 items to treat a wide range of medical emergencies.

In addition to the larger medical supply kits, US Prepper Gear is also discounting individual first aid kids. These smaller kits contain bandages, gauze, iodine, alcohol pads, abdominal pads, and a tourniquet, among other items. "These individual kits are perfect for outdoor sportsmen, like hikers and mountain climbers, as well as preppers," commented Countryman, noting that survivalists are not the only type of customer served by his business. "If you're hiking the Appalachian trail, for example, you can't rely on calling 911 if you get bitten by a wild animal or fall and break or cut open your leg," he said.

Countryman encourages anyone interested in learning more about prepping and survival gear to visit Many items are currently on sale, and orders of $100 or more are eligible for free shipping.

About US Prepper Gear

US Prepper Gear is owned and operated by local veterans in central Florida, two of whom are still on active duty. Serving in the U.S. Army, the founder of US Prepper Gear, Charles, was a part of Restore Hope in Somalia as well as Just Cause. He also served during Desert Storm during the 1st Iraq War. What Charles witnessed while in Somalia left a last impression on him as he saw what total infrastructure collapse could do to a country and society as a whole. US Prepper Gear was created as a way to prepare citizens for disaster and a state of emergency if it were to happen here.

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