US Pastor Testifies British Christian Coach Delivers Message From God

Tell Them Outreach Pastor, August Francis, changes his highly skeptical viewpoint of ‘life coaching’ methods following meeting with British ‘Serving’ founder and Christian Life Coach, Junior Stewart.

While millions around the world contribute to the $11 billion annual spend on self help gurus, a British Christian Coach reveals the real-life after effects of the fast growing personal development industry.

The former celebrity PR advisor has witnessed people continually believing the sales pitches that life will get better when they have more money, more success, live a healthier lifestyle and have the ideal relationships. "Unfortunately so many of us buy into the idea that chasing these things will fill the internal void we feel” says Stewart “when in fact the reality is most people are just left feeling even more empty than before.”

When Pastor, August Francis, voiced his negative view of 'Life Coaching', Stewart concurred that there are very few results being achieved due to a vital missing element.

In fact in a recent article on, Lindsay Myers, MBA, MPH pointed out that "In addition to high revenues, self-help also has a high ‘relapse’ rate, with the most likely purchaser of a self-help book being the same person who purchased one already in the last 18 months. This begs the question of how much good these self-help books and seminars are doing for consumers. If they are so effective at solving our problems, why do they usually result in a continuing stream of self-help purchases?"

Stewart, founder of, answered this question from his own direct experience of 'self-improvement' after his involvement in the personal development industry.

“The mastery of self help tools and techniques did not transform me, God did." Stewart claims, "In fact my whole world fell to pieces when I was chasing success. And I have seen thousands of people experience similar journeys.”

Some of the techniques Stewart mastered included NLP, which he feels was responsible for much of the inner turmoil he endured living the high life as an Executive Coach and PR Manager. "While Tony Robbins attributes NLP to helping him create his empire, in my experience, it destroyed my life."

The Christian Life Coach boldly adds, "I'm not denying that the processes known as NLP and Mr Robbin's own version of neuro re-programming, NAC, have brought results to many, but in my view, there is no 'one size fits all' and the balance is strongly outweighed by those who have ended up losing more than they started with."

“Very few people are looking for success” declared Stewart “but the masses have been led to believe that this is what all desire. In truth, they are looking for what will fill them up, what will fill the void. But nothing in the outside world can ultimately fill that. It is as simple as waking up and remembering that God is what you are looking for, and only God's love that will fill the void.”

And Stewart is not alone in support for his ground breaking work either.

Pastor, August Francis from Tell Them Outreach, recently experienced the work of Stewart stating “there is a new understanding of completion that is being provided in the work of Brother Stewart who is guiding Christians to renew their faith in God's work as the foundation for not only improving their life, but also finding relief in accepting that God loves them despite their imperfection.

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