US HCG Shots Offers Discount on HCG and Methylcobalamin for a Limited Time

US Based Company, US HCG Shots, offers 20% off HCG Injections and 60% off Methyl B12 a limited time.

US HCG shots is the premier supplier of injectable vitamin lipotropic products and HCG injections in the United States and they are currently offering 20% off of all of their HCG products until November 25th!

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin and it is a naturally occurring hormone that typically is elevated when a woman becomes pregnant. Dr ATW Simeons theorized that HCG when combined with a low calorie diet would result in significant weight loss in a short period of time, usually 30-40 days.

For a limited time US HCG Shots is giving a 20% coupon on all HCG products. All HCG is on sale for 20% Off – 1 week only. This includes: 28 day HCG kits, 56 day kits, 28 and 56 day HCG Combo & Pregnyl
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In addition US HCG Shots is providing 60% off select 10ml and 30ml Methylcobalamin vials. Methylcobalamin 10 ml and 30ml on sale for 60% off - 1 week only. The product is short dated for December of 2014.

The Coupon Code is- 60%offmethyl - Coupon Expires November 25, 2014.
Methylcobalamin is the purest form of vitamin B12 available on the market. It is easily absorbed for use immediately in the body. This item is shipped cold.

US HCG Shots is a provider of supplements and injectable products in the United States. Products offered include vitamin b12 shots, which are experiencing a nationwide shortage at the moment, HCG injections, Lipo 7 shots, Athletic Pro , MIC and Glutathione.

All of these products can be ordered easily and securely through the website or over the phone.
Operating hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am until 9pm. Representatives can be reached toll free at 855-862-9510 and are happy to answer questions or take orders.

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