US Family of Five Embarks On A Gap Year Adventure

Project Gap Year founders Summer and Jeff Brackhan take a one year travel adventure with their three children to change their busy American lifestyle and create more family time.

With Americans increasingly working more hours and driving their kids to an array of after school activities, many families are feeling the stress and pressure of being constantly over-scheduled.

One Nebraska family has decided to trade in their busy, hectic lives for a gap year on the road with their kids.

Parents Jeff and Summer Brackhan of Lincoln, Nebraska, were feeling the effects of a stressful schedule and realized they needed to make a drastic change to their daily lives.

“With the way our schedule evolved over the last few years as musicians and business owners, we found ourselves constantly running and exhausted with little family time.  Unhappy with the stress, we decided to take an entire year to unplug from our regular lives to be with our kids more and travel,”  stated mother Summer Brackhan.

Starting May 29th, 2016, this family of five will embark on a year long adventure that will take them to national parks within the US and as far as Sydney, Australia.

As the Brackhans travel, they will be homeschooling their kids and integrating lessons from life on the road. Both parents feel it is important for their kids to experience the world in a very hands-on way to help them gain a different perspective.

To keep things simple and minimize the amount of moving parts while they travel, the family has decided to sell their home.  While some might consider this to be a bold move, they believe it will open doors to other opportunities.

“We have always believed that there is more out there in life and that sometimes you have to be a little unconventional in your thinking, ” said father, Jeff Brackhan.  “When we announced our gap year plans, most people wanted to know how we were doing this and we realized the need for other families to know this is possible.” 

As part of their new adventure, the Brackhans launched a blog to document their experiences and to inspire other families to also unplug from the daily grind.

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