US-based mining pool WoolyPooly features innovative rewards system

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United States-based cryptocurrency mining pool has featured an impressive, profitable pool for miners and an impressive rewards system.

WoolyPooly is one of the most profitable pools worldwide, focusing on minimal commission fees for PPLNS & SOLO reward systems.

WoolyPooly has the modified version of PPLNS or Pay Per Last N Shares. This method calculates payments based on the number of shares one has submitted during a shift.

"You only get paid out once a block is actually found. PPLNS is a perfect method for loyal pool members over pool hoppers. On average, PPLNS earns more than PPS (Pay Per Share) by 5% or so in the long run," a representative of the company said in a statement.

For SOLO pools, participants can start mining without other miners. WoolyPooly gives a participant an independent connection to the node and calculates his payments based on the blocks he found.

Participants can mine Ethereum, Ravencoin, Conflux, ERGO, VEIL Coin, GRIN, and Bitcoin Gold.

Payments are made automatically after the minimum payout threshold is reached. The WoolyPooly Mining Pool said payments do not depend on time. There can be as many payments as a miner likes.

The WoolyPooly Team is composed of experienced mining pool supporters, miners, entrepreneurs, and developers.

"WoolyPooly enjoys a great reputation for stability and accuracy. We have experienced miners on deck, so you need not worry. You can head on to the website and start your journey in one of the most profitable pools out there," the representative said.

The mining pool provides high-performance, dedicated servers featuring high bandwidth connections and very low latency.

The WoolyPooly Mining Pool has dedicated servers worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. In general, its average ping is not more than 100 ms.

As WoolyPooly stresses its focus on profitable coins with active development and a long-term perspective, miners are assured of profitable coins.

"The WoolyPooly Mining Pool brings out the good volume, a great team, and exchange access at the top of our priorities," the representative added.

Crypto mining has provided a magnetic appeal for those interested in cryptocurrency. Miners can check out the WoolyPooly YouTube channel and watch helpful guides on how to mine Ergo, Conflux, Ravencoin, and Etherium.

The WoolyPooly mining pool also offers low mining pool fees. It varies from 0.9% and deducts from the block rewards. Participants also don't pay for transactions.

WoolyPooly said registration is optional, as participants are allowed to mine directly to their coin wallet address.

However, by signing an account on the pool, miners receive several advantages, including changing the payout threshold amount, changing the "on the fly" withdrawal address, one address for all coins listed on the pool, and the ability to disable the payments feature.

WoolyPooly said there are coins, for example, ERGO, which block "opens" only after 720 network confirmations. In other words, the coins are "maturing," and miners only need to wait. To see the percentage of maturation, miners can go to their personal statistics tab.

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