urBasics Launches New Store With Gear For Gender Expression And Affirmation

Welcoming customers of all identities, urBasics is a new Canadian store that is complete with a stock of goods for all gender expressions and affirmations. The new store also includes products for all stages of transition.

Based in Canada, urBasics is an apparel and gear store that carries stock explicitly designed to help its customers express and affirm their gender, whatever their gender identity may be. It also includes a host of products that are designed to help users go through the stages of transition as comfortably as they can.

Established in Toronto, Ontario, urBasics aims to make gender-affirming and expressing gear much more accessible with an organized and easy-to-use online store that makes it simple to find the items that customers need on their gender identity journey. As such, they have all manner of products, including bras & bralettes, gaffs & panties, breast forms, binders, packers & STPs, and much more. Their products also include a host of accessories to help people of all identities proudly show them to their communities and allies.

Founded by a Toronto trans woman and her mom, who is an ally of the trans community, urBasics was created with the understanding that people of all gender expressions need accessible gear to help them in their journey. As such, they worked to curate a collection of gender expression gear for any stage in or outside the gender spectrum and through various stages of transition.

urBasics aims to be more than a store for gender expression and affirmation gear, it also acts as a resource for those who are going through any stages of transition or want to learn more about gender affirmation and expression. As such, they have a blog and several guides that detail things such as providing more information on the role of binders, packing, gaffs, STPs, and more. These guides can help anyone better understand the purpose of a range of gender expression products and how they are used.

In support of their community, urBasics also partners with organizations like BindersOUT, currently selling a selection of pins. 100% of the profits from every pin sold goes directly to their partners at BindersOUT, a chest binder distribution program based in Ontario.

urBasics is also partnered with Trans Wellness Ontario, selling a range of items in the TWO Collection. Funds from these items go towards educational programming designed to help combat systemic barriers that trans people face throughout society.

To learn more about urBasics, the new Canadian store with gear for gender expression and affirmation, to learn about their range of products, or to take a look at the series of guides and blog posts on their website, you can visit https://urbasics.ca/.

Notes for the Editor: Please send any and all press inquires directly to Eileen, based in Toronto, Ontario, who can be reached by email at info@urbasics.ca. More information can be found directly on the store at https://urbasics.ca/.

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