Updated Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoids & Postpartum Care From Soothic Launching on Amazon.com

Soothic will soon launch its second-generation sitz bath model for hemorrhoids and postpartum care on Amazon after retaining the top spot with its first-generation model for two consecutive years. <a href="https://prreach.com/sitz-bath-best-sitz-bath-or-amazons-best-sitz-bath/">Continue reading →</a>

After occupying the No. 1 spot on Amazon for two years with its GEN1 model and gathering over 5,700 reviews and a 4.6 rating, Soothic is about to launch its GEN2 sitz bath for the treatment of hemorrhoids, postpartum trauma and much more. The company expects the updated model to outperform the current model.

More information can be found at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FZ74SDN?ref=myi_title_dp.

Many people rely on sitz baths to relieve or treat conditions such as hemorrhoids, candida/thrush, anal fissures, and Bartholin’s cysts. Warm water is well-known for treating vaginal inflammation after childbirth, but it can also relieve pain in other circumstances. It can promote blood flow, which helps reduce the chance of infection while promoting the body’s natural healing process.

Soothic’s sitz bath for hemorrhoids and postpartum care has been a customer favorite, occupying the No. 1 spot on Amazon for two consecutive years. Soothic says it brought in an industrial designer to advise on the GEN2 design. The result was a sitz bath with a wider seat than most competitors and recessed sides that allow the user to submerge their perineum completely and comfortably. The company emphasizes that it fits any standard-size toilet bowl, commode, RV or camping seat. Users can place it on top of the toilet seat or toilet bowl. It also has the deepest bowl in its class, which allows the water to stay warmer for longer.

“If you experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy or postpartum or you’re a male who has a prostate issue, you might find relief by using a Soothic Sitz Bath three to four times a day. Just place it on any toilet bowl or seat, fill it with warm water and sit. Warm or cold can help with the healing process,” said a spokesperson from Soothic.

To find out more about Soothic’s line of products, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.



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