Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review Reveals If Rick Kaselj's Program Can Unlock Fat Burning And Strength

"Unlock Your Hip Flexors" main goal is to help people realize that the hip flexors muscles are responsbile for a great deal of fitness and health problems. Learn more about these problems and their solution in this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review.

"Unlock Your Hip Flexors" is a new hip flexibility program from fitness professional Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal that shows people how to unlock this muscle which could be the reason behind slow fat-burning, lack of strength and energy, nagging join pains in legs, lower backs and hips, bad posture, digestive progblems, circulatory issues, high anxiety and a number of other problems.

The Hip Flexors also known as the psoas muscle is the only muscle in the entire human body which connects the upper body to a lower body. This means the muscle impacts a number of functions. It's also connected to breathing since it attaches to the diapgram and it sits on all the main organs in the body.

Discover Why This “Hidden Survival Muscle” Within The Body Is The Key To Unlocking Strength, Energy, Fat-Burning and getting rid of joint pain

Rick Kaselji, the author of the "Unlock Your Hip Flexors" system shows that when the psoas works the way it's supposed to an individual ends up with better performance, releases stubborn body fat, train harder and faster which results in more strength and more available energy to the body.

The problem is that most individuals have serious issues with the psoas muscle because it stays tight most of the day. This happens due to the common act of sitting. The human body was never meant to sit all day, but with desk jobs and office based jobs sitting is more dominant in society than ever before.

When an individual sits for long hours the hip flexors become tight and loses the ability to function at peak levels.

Due to the location of the psoas muscle, deep within the body it's hard for medical practitioners to figure out if it's tight and causing the above mentioned issues. Many professionals will recommend "static stretching" to unlock the hip flexors, but in some cases this is just a temporary fix and in most cases it doesn't work at all.

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This is where Rick Kaslji and Mike Westerdal's program comes into play. To accurate unlock the hip flexors the muscle needs to be attacked from a number of different angles and using a number of different techniques to allow the muscle to unpack properly. The "Unlock Your Hip Flexors" program provides individuals with the exact movements, in the correct sequence to unlock this muscle, feel better and correct the problem.

The special sequence created by Rick Kaselji utilizes PNF stretching, Dynamic Stretching, 3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises, Mobility Exercises, Fascia Stretching and additional ones.

The "Unlock Your Hip Flexors" program comes with a video which demo's the 10 exercises provided in a sequential flow to unlock the psoas muscle. The video also provides a follow along tutorial where Rick walks an individual through the entire process, explaining everything as it progresses. The exercises don't require a training partner, but it can help to have them, but the exercises and movements can be done solo as well.

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In addition, the program also comes with a manual which explains the entire system in much greater detail. It provides pictures of the exercises, descriptions of each along with more information to help keep the hip flexors from becoming tight in the future. Individuals also receive 2 bonus programs which are "Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings" and the "7 Day-Anti-Inflammatory Diet" program.

The first bonus shows how to keep this important muscle from tearing and acting up which happens due to the amount of sitting which triggers tightness within the hamstrings. The second bonus is a complete nutrtion program which provides a blueprint for people to avoid foods and ingredients which cause inflammatory responses in the body which lead to health issues, weight gain and a number of other issues. This diet features meal plans, shopping lists, supplement tips and more.

The "Unlock Your Hip Flexors" program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. The information is accurate and the teaching within the program is easy to follow and provided in a step by step fashion. It's a simple program which provides a specific solution to a specific problem.

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