Unlikely Superhero Vasectoman Website Goes Online.

Urging men everywhere to 'shoot blanks for the greater common good', a very different website launches.

A website solely devoted to providing very low cost or even free vasectomies is now live on the internet.Fronted by a character in a cape called 'Vasectoman', the site's primary function is routing men in need to an appropriate clinic for their procedure.

Colorado non-profit initiative 56Sd Health Services contracted with Denver web design agency Big Orange Planet to engineer the web presence. Clinics that provide vasectomies for low remuneration are strongly encouraged to sign up and join the program.
Men who would benefit from such a procedure, but have concerns about the cost are advised to access the website for further information.

Ally Lennon of Big Orange Planet had this to say about Vasectoman:
"The vasectoman website fulfills a very important role in assisting with provision of a lasting birth control solution to those in need, who may lack the financial means to obtain it themselves without help. 56SD is an organization with a serious agenda who don't take themselves too seriously.
There is a very humorous side to the website, which seeks to dampen anxiety regarding a short but no doubt unnerving and uncomfortable operation.
There is humor to be found for example in the youtube video currently appearing on the home page."

Mr Lennon elaborated further on the site:
"Jim Stobie of 56SD feels its important to appeal to as many demographics as possible. The website includes images of men of different age, race and family situations. Mr Stobie is a master of the one liner, who uses words to excellent effect onsite in challenging men who might be considering a vasectomy into moving forward. All the while, the light hearted feel to the Vasectoman mission is maintained. From a technology perspective the website provides tools that assist users in locating a nearby clinic listed with Vasectoman. Currently centered in Colorado, the intention is to expand reach nationwide."

The Vasectoman website went live in February 2014. It is self funded by the non profit entity 56SD Health Services, although donations are accepted which can be easily sent using the donate buttons available throughout the site. Informational inquiries from providers or individuals seeking services should be directed from the contact tab.It is anticipated that the organization will continue to expand to other states over time.
The Vasectoman web presence can be accessed here for additional details and advice.

Contact Info:
Name: Ally Lennon
Email: Send Email
Organization: Big Orange Planet
Address: 2401 15th Street #30, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720-272-0770
Website: http://www.bigorangeplanet.com/

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