University of West Alabama has Launched Career Opportunities as Counselor for Different Situations

The University of West Alabama provides the students access to 50+ degrees with certification programs that can be obtained via the online platform.

With stress taking a toll over the daily life, the requirement for a counselor has increased in the past years while creating ample career opportunities for students willing to pursue a journey of counseling and helping others. UWA.Edu guides the students to learn under the widespread umbrella of counseling sessions regarding careers. The team lists out the various career opportunities that can be found after completion of the course as a counselor.

As a school counselor, the typical day of a counselor starts with educating the students about the future job opportunities followed by a one-on-one session with parents as well as students with regards to behavioral issues. Additionally, the counselors are trained to organize a school-wide workshop for awareness about bullying and the negative effects of the same. On an average, a school counselor can easily bag $48,217 salary per annum while helping students aged between 5 and 18. The work sector involves Elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Counselors can also opt to work as Family and marriage counselor where they meet with the married couples for a better understanding of the issue. Additionally, the counselors are also trained to conduct home visits for checking on the environment adjustment of the newly adopted baby.

The counselors also hold group sessions meant for grief counseling while earning an average salary of $39,348 per annum. They help family members, married couples, and people with strained relationships. They workplace includes private practice, office for social service as well as health centers for the community.

Among the different Types of Counselor jobs facility by UWA.Edu, another one with the high requirement is the Mental Health Counselor who meets with the patients at the psychiatric ward to cater help with their issues. Apart from that, the counselors organize therapy sessions meant for the military personnel that deals with issues such as PTSD.

Additionally, the counselors spend time at nursing homes while speaking with the patients affected by terminal diseases. On an average, the Mental Health Counselor can acquire a yearly income of $39,633. The counselors work at psychiatric hospitals, facilities for senior care, school, and private practices while helping the patients who are struggling with any mental illness or grief in life.

Other career opportunities for counselors involve areas such as career counseling, Substance abuse counseling, etc. At the University of West Alabama, the students get access to the online degree that helps attain specific career goals. The education syllabus by the experienced staff is designed to help the students achieve their specific career dreams at affordable fees with the feasibility of planning one’s schedule. The online college offers a bachelor’s degree as well as Master’s degree depending on the choice of the student with an area of study including psychology & counseling, teaching, and Business.

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The University of West Alabama Online provides the students access to 50+ degrees with certification programs that can be obtained via the online platform. The university flaunts a versatile environment for learning with expert insights and instructions for the students while providing affordable fee structures.

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