Universal Wealth Managers Opens A New Location In Coral Gables

Universal Wealth Managers announces their new location in the Coral Gables Business District.

Universal Wealth Managers announces their new location at the center of the Coral Gables Business District.

Universal Wealth Managers owners Isis and Pedro Palicio have been in the financial services industry since 1994 and specialize in the design of high cash value dividend paying whole life policies as recommended by the Nelson Nash Institute. They are both Infinite Banking Concepts Authorized Practitioners.

The Infinite Banking Concept would allow anyone to accumulate the resources to invest in passive income generating assets and also obtain their lifetime financing needs for cars, vacations, businesses, professional practices, retirement income, children’s or grandchildren’s college education, and home purchases from policy loans and dividend payments, rather than from traditional banks or other financial institutions, and in the process, increase their wealth by a substantial amount over a lifetime.

Infinite Banking is an uncommon no-nonsense approach to sound cash management.

Without working any harder, or changing one’s lifestyle or cash outflow, or giving up control, through Infinite Banking consumers will be able to:

˜Substantially increase their wealth by properly laddering their banking policies.

˜Eliminate 100% of their debt in 5 to 7 years, including in most cases their home mortgage. Eliminating debt allows them to increase their wealth.

˜Redirect towards them the 34.5% of their disposable income that typically is transferred to banks and financial institutions in the form of interest payments.

˜Obtain guaranteed access to credit. When cash is available, opportunities will seek them out. In fact, they could leverage the cash in their policy to invest in passive income generating assets and simultaneously use that passive income to repay their loans and acquire new banking policies. The opportunities are infinite; only limited by one’s imagination.

˜Obtain guaranteed tax-free continuous-growth cash value with no exposure to the stock market.

˜Obtain guaranteed tax-free retirement income.

UWM’s exceptional ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms allows them to educate, coach and serve their clients. Check out their website at www.InfiniteBankingSimplified.com. They coach clients on how to utilize banking policies to continuously increase their wealth.

The Infinite Banking Concept has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, families and business owners and Universal Wealth Managers specialize in designing optimal Infinite Banking Systems based on their specific needs.

Universal Wealth Managers new and larger facilities are located at 75 Valencia Avenue, Suite 304, Coral Gables, Florida 33134

Contact Info:
Name: Isis Palicio
Email: ibpalicio@uwmanagers.com
Phone: 844-443-8422
Organization: Universal Wealth Managers

Release ID: 137415