Universal Renovation Creates New Video Case Study To Help Promote Their Services On Social Media

Universal Renovation has created a one minute video that summarizes one of their latest jobs, helping people understand the breadth and depth of their services in an easily sharable format.

Remodeling is a way for people who love their home’s location to fall in love with new spaces without having to completely uproot themselves, as well as being a great way of adding resale equity to a home by updating its features and functions. Universal Renovation specializes in helping customers get living room, bathroom and kitchen remodeling in New York, Richmond and Brooklyn. They have just published a viral video outlining a case study of a recent job to help people understand how comprehensive their work can be while remaining affordable.

The new video uses a hand-drawn animation style to convey the way in which Universal Renovation has helped a client named Jennifer transform her home for an outstanding price. The work completed includes living room, kitchen & bathroom remodeling in New York.

The video has been designed to be easily sharable through Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets by being published and publicly available on YouTube as well as taking pride of place on the homepage of their website. The video also offers anyone watching the chance to get a free estimate on any work they want undertaken.

A spokesperson for Universal Renovation explained, “We have created this video to make sure more people than ever can find out about our amazing NYC, Richmond and Brooklyn remodeling service and find out about just one example of our work on behalf of clients. We have many more success stories outlined on our website with high quality imagery accompanying the story of how the client’s needs were fulfilled. We are pleased to be able to offer these kinds of services to these valued communities, and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to use the best service available when they decide to remodel their home.”

About Universal Renovation: Universal Renovation provides the very best in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling services in NYC, Richmond, and Brooklyn. They offer their unbeatable services at the most affordable prices in their service areas, and do not shy away from complex or unusual jobs. The company specializes in cutting edge remodels that will last a lifetime.

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