Unfinished Man Men’s Lifestyle Blog Relaunches With Renewed Focus

Popular men’s lifestyle blog Unfinished Man has followed in the footsteps of many creative publications, boosting traffic by narrowing its focus to the core passions of its editors.

Many websites try to be all things to all people. After finding initial popularity with an audience they try to broaden their appeal and get trapped in an ever-expanding demand for a wider focus to support a casual readership that is without loyalty, and harming their impact with the core readership as a result. Unfinished Man is a blog that recently recognised the early symptoms of this practice, and turned a corner to narrow its focus to the topics they are most passionate about, applying practical self-help to their own approach while offering it to their readers.

The site reports on a wide variety of topics including art and photography, autos, dating and sex, entertainment, life advice, fine living and men’s style. Whether admiring the latest BMW or beautiful places like Glass Beach, the blog cultivates taste in a refreshing alternative to darker corners of the internet aimed at a male audience.

The blog also has a fascination with the humorous creations abounding on the internet and with the incredible technological innovations now available to the average household. Each piece of editorial content is designed to enrich the readership with insight rarely found on other websites.

A spokesperson for Unfinished Man explained, “The name was chosen because we believe that a man’s development should never be at an end. People should strive always to grow and mature, to develop and hone their talents and instincts, and to broaden their horizons while increasing their wealth of experience. Everything we post on our blog is now designed to fuel that fire for self-development and offer practical men’s lifestyle advice so that rather than being mired in esotericism and introspection, men can immediately begin taking positive steps and actions that directly improve their lives. As a result of cutting the fat, many readers have reported they are seeing more of what they love from the site, so we know we’ve made the right move.”

About Unfinished Man:
Unfinished Man is a men's lifestyle blog devoted to helping men become better people. They offer practical lifestyle advice, show their readers beautiful exotic travel spots, and cover the latest and greatest gadgets and gear that enhance the quality of life for men everywhere.

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