Undead Warehouse Aims To Bring Customer Service Back To The Shopping Experience

Undead Warehouse extends range, launches 100% money back guarantee and puts a focus on customer service

With the popularity of television shows like The Walking Dead and the various "B" movies still in circulation, the sale of zombie memorabilia is still going strong, according to Brandon Godfirnon, owner of Undeadwarehouse.com.

Godfirnon describes how his business came into existence, saying, "We went scouring the internet for quality designed zombie shirts and were disappointed with the results we found. Most shirts were severely lacking with just a few words on them and very simple designs. There were a few good ones out there but nothing special. In other words, we couldn't find any shirts we were drawn to and would actually wear. We figured, why not design really cool shirts and share them with the world? So that's what we set out to do. It was a very painstaking process finding an artist to create our ideas and even harder to get them printed. But when we did, it was awesomeness."

But shirts alone do not keep the store in business. The online store also sells hoodies, hats, wristbands, targets, stickers, posters and buttons. "We do many horror conventions around Florida and even some out of state, so many people find out about us that way. Additionally, we are at both Spooky Empire events during May and October gets our name out there, too. But, what makes us different from all the other t-shirt companies in the marketplace is our creativity and how we aim to provide the best service possible and give our customers an awesome shopping experience. We're always expanding our product line to offer the best shirts, hats and other zombie items possible."

Godfirnon also feels their guarantee separates them from the competition. "In simple terms, if you're not 100% happy with your purchase then just send your item(s) back to us and we'll refund your entire purchase price plus shipping back to us. Yes, we will refund every dime you spent, even the return shipping back to us. The guarantee is limited to 60 days from purchase date. That is just how confident we are in our products and we want our customers to feel the same way. There are few companies out there that will guarantee their t-shirts that way, but we want our products to be different from the norm and for people to see that about us and feel comfortable doing business with us."

About Undead Warehouse:
Founded by zombie enthusiasts in response to the the lack of creative zombie t-shirts in the marketplace, Undead Warehouse is now catering to fellow undead admirers everywhere. With a 100% guarantee on all their merchandise, they also personally create all their shirts personally.

Contact Info:
Name: Brandon Godfirnon
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Organization: Undead Warehouse
Phone: 727-499-8700
Website: http://www.undeadwarehouse.com

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