Unbreakable Gorilla Glass Tempered Screen Protectors

The strongest gorilla glass screen protectors, phone cases and more are available now at discounted prices.

Let's take a look at the strongest phone glass available on the market so far. Corning did it again with their new gorilla glass 5. They put the new glass through many tests that the market desired. Everything from sharp contact tests, water, dirt, grime, dropping it from all over, throwing it against walls they really wanted to find the best quality product and the market would agree they did a fine job. Lets take a look at some of the benefits of the new model of glass.

Improved drop performance makes you less likely to break it doing the random daily tasks that seem to beat up everyone's phone. The quality of the surface is nice and smooth and resistant to common scratches and scrapes.

The best way to apply the gorilla glass is on smartphones, laptops, tablets and computer screens. Any glass cover of an electronic device probably has some product available from Corning. Gorilla Glass even comes in wearables and smart watches on the consumer electronics market and are available at most retailers of these products.

They are super thin. The new dimensions are just 0.4mm to 1.3mm. That is very thin compared to a lot of competitors out there. The new gorilla glass phone cases are also set up to come with the new glass and have provided extra support and security to all brands of cellphones.

Gorilla Glass products are available all over. Deals can be found online at many retailers from amazon, ebay and even to affiliate sites like GorillaGlass.net that offer many products like iphone cases, tablet bags, gorilla glass and other tempered glass screen protector products. For more studies and tips on how to change the tempered glass screen protector on your phone or for customers looking to shop around for phone accessories and replacement phone products they can find more information at the homepage.

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