Ultimo Value Offers Wide Range Of Flat Screen Accessories Including New HDMI Cables

Ultimo Value have extended their range of 1080p HDMI cables to transmit HD audio and visuals ideal for flat screens in a range of colors and lengths.

High definition has become the new standard, and 1080p allows for a greater quality of image with greater sharpness, vibrancy, detail and dynamic range than ever before. This comes at a cost however, and high definition footage requires much higher and faster rates of data transfer. This is made possible by HDMI cables, which are usually very expensive owing to the high manufacturing standard and fidelity of the cable needed to transfer this amount of data. Ultimo Value however, leaders in all things flat screen, has expanded their range of accessories to include HDMI cables so that consumers can source them easily and affordably.

The new 1080p Resolution HDMI Cables offer the ability to transmit high-definition video and high-resolution audio over a single cable, and are ideal for HDMI cable TV, blu-ray players, flat screens, and transmitting HD video from laptops onto the big screen.

The new range of cables comes in a variety of colors ideal for differentiating which cable is used for which device, and come in Blue, Red, White and Black. They are also available in a wide variety of lengths, from 3ft to 6ft to 10ft. This makes them ideal for being hidden away behind entertainment centers or having reach for portable devices.

A spokesperson for Ultimo Value explained, “HDMI Cables are an essential means of communicating data between Cable boxes, Bluray players and other devices to a high definition TV, and when bought separately HDMI cables can often be very expensive due to their high output capabilities. We are trying to make sure these cables are available as affordably as possible and can be used for all HDMI devices, so that individuals can buy a set from us as at a fraction of the cost of buying them elsewhere. With fast and free shipping, there’s really no reason not to.”

About Ultimo Value:
Ultimo Value is the premier flat screen wall mount manufacturer and retailer, offering leading, top-of-the-line consumer electronic brands and specializing in providing innovative mounting solutions for flat screen plasma, LCD, and LED televisions. Ultimo Value is also a leading supplier of a wide range of electronics and home equipment at competitive wholesale prices.

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