Ultimate Jumpers Launches Inflatables Safety Campaign

Inflatables injuries skyrocket due to increased use and a lack of safety measures reports Ultimate Jumpers.

According to some estimates, the inflatable device rental industry profit now exceeds $50 million. Although statistics typically aren't kept on this industry, many believe there are approximately 250,000 inflatable devices available in the country. "To ensure the quality and safety of Commercial Bounce Houses and other inflatable devices, consumers need to research the company they plan to rent from. Once they do so, many choose to make use of Ultimate Jumpers as the company offers inflatables made using only lead-free vinyl and all meet safety and quality standards," Tony T of Ultimate Jumpers explains.

When using a commercial bounce house or other inflatable jumper, adults need to ensure children follow basic safety rules. Most recommend only one child use the inflatable device at any given time, yet experts agree this isn't realistic. "When multiple children use the device simultaneously, adults need to ensure the children are of similar age and size to reduce the risk of injuries. In addition, flips, somersaults, and horseplay must be prohibited as all can also lead to injuries," Tony T continues.

Children should never be left alone when using an inflatable device, yet adults need to remain outside of the inflatable to observe all children in the structure. If children begin to misbehave, the adult must step in immediately to keep all safe. Tony T recommends that adults be trained on safe use before they are left with children to ensure they understand how best to prevent injuries.

Ultimate Jumpers also recommends eyeglasses, jewelry, shoes and sharp objects in pockets be removed before one enters the inflatable. When playing in or on the device, children and adults need to remain aware of entrances and exits and avoid playing in that area. "Furthermore, children should never be allowed to play on or bounce off the walls of the inflatable as this increases the risk of injury and/or an inflatable malfunction," Tony T goes on to say.

Inflatable structures came into existence in 1959 and have come a long way since then as kids and adults love playing on these bounce houses, jumpers and slides. "When one wishes to open their own inflatables business, Ultimate Jumpers is the place to turn as the company not only offers suggestions on which inflatables to purchase, but also works to ensure buyers understand basic safety rules as inflatables are meant to be fun, but only when used properly," Tony T declares.

About Ultimate Jumpers:
Ultimate Jumpers, a professional manufacturer of quality inflatable structures for indoor and outdoor use, produces bouncers made using lead-free vinyl material, the best currently available. Ultimate Jumpers strives to design and produce individual inflatables while ensuring all meet quality and safety standards, providing consumers with commercial grade, quality inflatables at reasonable prices. Ultimate Jumpers guarantees satisfaction with each purchase along with excellent customer service at all stages of the process, including after the sale. Visit Ultimate Jumpers to learn more about their bounce houses, combo units, slides and more.

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