Ultimate Charters Announces Additional Charter Fishing Tours To Best Spots In The Area

Chartered tours offer the chance to catch specific fish species that often elude fishermen, Ultimate Charters reports.

Some fishermen are content to sit out on the water for hours even if they don't catch a thing. Most people, however, would really much rather net tons of fish during their outings. The problem is often that they don't know when and where to fish, and even with gadgets like fish finders, they often have no luck. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this problem: Booking charter fishing tours with experienced guides.

"Booking a chartered fishing expedition is the best way to ensure that you'll actually catch some fish," said Andrew Grant of Ultimate Charters, a fishing tour company. "The experienced guides these companies offer know of all of the best spots in an area. Even if the fish aren't biting in one spot, the tour won't be ruined because the guides will know of other locations in the area."

There is a surprising amount of choices for these tours. Tours start at 4 hours, but they can be as long as several weeks and involve international fishing. A 4-hour tour is a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon, while an all-day trip is better for truly avid fishing lovers. Overnight expeditions are even better for customers who love to fish because they allow people to catch species that wouldn't be biting during the usual daylight hours. Longer tours also exist, and they allow for different species to be targeted all during the same trip.

"Another thing that can be selected for is the species of fish," Grant said. "Even a short tour can be chosen that allows the customer to go after a particular fish type, such as tuna or snapper. Longer ones allow for travel between various fishing locations, so it's possible to target multiple types during the journey."

Specific fishing boats can also be chosen at some charter companies. "This choice is somewhat constrained by physical factors, such as the size of the party taking a tour," Grant noted. "We have many boats that can take a small party out to sea, but only one that can handle a 48-person group. The bigger boats also have longer ranges, so someone who wants to fish far from shore will need one even if they're with a small party."

One of the things not often mentioned about charter fishing expeditions is the top-tier methods skippers use to attract fish. Fishing guides won't just have guests put lines over the side of the boat with baited hooks. They'll also add bait directly to the water and sell other bait-filled containers. Of course, fish do have to be in the area for this to work. That's why the skill at finding a fishing spot is essential, and what makes it one of the things that will make or break a fishing trip.

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Ultimate Charters is a charter fishing expedition company operating out of New Zealand. It offers both standard and custom tours on both the east and west coast of the country as well as farther out at sea.

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