UK SEO Consultant Happy to be Paid in Crypto-Currencies, Quark and Bitcoin

Panda SEO Services, a UK based SEO consultancy that offers white hat link building, WordPress development, design and optimisation now taking crypto-currencies as payment.

Some people consider Bitcoin as a kind of virtual gold, since the financial crisis of 2008 interest in crypto-currencies has really gained momentum. Mark from said he believes the reason for the rapid growth of crypto-currencies is because more and more people around the world are waking up to the fact that they are trading their time and energies for something called "fiat currency", fiat currency is not really backed by anything other than faith in the issuing central banks government and world financial system.

Fiat currency can be created at the press of a few buttons by central banks like The Federal Reserve, The Federal Reserve is currently creating money at record levels using a process called (QE) Quantitative Easing. Most people don't know that even high-street banks can generate currency at the press of a button, thanks to a system known as fractional reserve banking.

The continued QE and speculation interest have led to an increase in the value of commodities like gold, silver and of course oil. Bitcoin has risen to be worth a considerable amount of currency too, Bitcoin and Quark coin like commodities have a limited supply, these two crypto-currencies need to be mined into existence. Mark from Panda SEO Services said he is not sure if the crypto-currencies will hold their value long-term but he is happy to accept them as payment for his services at the moment.

Panda SEO Services are located in Slough, Berkshire just 22 miles from central London. The busy SEO consultancy was founded by Mark Stubbles, Mark is an experienced online marketer and owner of several sites.

Marks' vision when he founded Panda SEO was to offer effective white hat online marketing services at a reasonable price. On the Panda SEO about page Mark says, “I can offer comprehensive and cost effective online marketing packages for companies all over the UK and face to face website consultations to businesses located in the Berkshire area this includes local towns like Slough, Windsor, Reading and London. Online marketing help for companies looking to build their local, national and global online presence.”

Mark says that although his primary market is UK based he is happy to accept crypto-currency payments and work with clients all over the world, visit the site to learn more about the services Panda SEO offer and discuss payment options.

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