UK Based SEO Expert Says He Does Not Offer Cheap SEO Services

The purpose of search engine optimisation is to improve a websites search engine rankings, many people seem to be under the impression that cheap is best but in the case of SEO none at all maybe better than cheap.

Founded in 2013 by an experienced online marketing expert , Panda SEO Services was created with the aim of providing long lasting and cost effective results to owners of small and medium sized businesses but is pleased to work with larger companies. Panda SEO often receive business from other agencies who they work with on a discreet, white label basis.

Panda SEO understand that many clients would not want substandard content to be associated with their brand and they know Google does not appreciate such content anymore either, the agency focus on providing quality content for their clients. Panda SEO look to ensure all the content they provide is engaging, unique and written by UK based writers whose native language is English.

In a recent blog post Panda SEO say they do not offer cheap SEO services, the agency try to offer an affordable and quality service to clients. In the post Mark from Panda SEO mentions a few outdated SEO methods which he no longer considers to provide benefits. Mark says, he considers affordable SEO to be SEO that fits the clients budget and provides the results they are looking for, in a realistic time frame.

In a previous post Panda SEO listed a few questions that should be asked of any potential SEO provider, Panda SEO consider the main points that should be considered when choosing a potential SEO service are monthly reports and timescale

Mark says he provides his monthly clients with full reports to show all the link building work he has carried out, he always gives realistic timescales of how long clients may need to wait before seeing results.

Mark from Panda SEO says, If a company guarantees organic placement for a very competitive term in a very short period of time they maybe using black hat or unethical methods. Mark would not recommend clients consider any kind of SEO that could cause them to suffer a penalty or ranking drop after an algorithm update, many websites were strongly effected after Google's first Penguin update and they had to start again with completely new domains.

Panda SEO Services offer all clients an initial consultation for which there is no obligation, they are also happy to work with clients on a new contract, no commitment basis. The agency have offices in Slough, Berkshire and London, EC1 but they are more than happy to work with clients all over the world.

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