UFC Fighter Diego Sanchez Adds New Dimension to Training with Cerebrum Dallas For Upcoming UFC 200 Fight

Cerebrum Health Centers in Dallas has supported UFC fighter Diego Sanchez by helping him to optimize his performance through improving balance, eyesight and physical movement for his quest to become UFC champion.

Diego Sanchez, a member of the UFC roster for 10 years, is finding new ways to approach training thanks to the enhanced training practices of Cerebrum Health Centers of Dallas.

“Thanks to Cerebrum Dallas, training has been completely reformatted,” Sanchez said in a recent interview. “mind training is as important as body training.”

Sanchez got a taste of Cerebrum’s testing five weeks before a fight, which he won convincingly against a quality opponent. The 34-year-old is an excellent fighter in his own right, but he, in part, credits the minimal damage he took in the fight to Cerebrum in Dallas.

“Just in five days there was tremendous results — increases in balance, increases in eyesight being able to see punches coming,” Sanchez said. “A different fighter, already, within five days.”

After the fight, Diego decided it was time to take his training with Cerebrum to the next level, scheduling a visit with a team of multidisciplinary doctors Dr. Randall, Dr. Brock, and Dr Solis in Dallas.

“The blood work alone, finding allergies to wheat totally changed the game.” Sanchez said. “Balance was increased by 35% within five days. The eyes were fixed — Little stigmatas or an eye twitch or something — but it was fixed.”

Dr. Solis guides Sanchez on meditation practices, leading to more positive thinking and a mental transformation, in addition to the physical improvements.

Sanchez is preparing for his upcoming bout with Joe Lauzon in UFC 200 on July 9th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC 200 event is widely considered to be the most popular card in UFC History.

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