U.S. Insurers Eliminating Common 2017 Formulary Prescription Drugs Increasing Costs For Patients

Affordable Brand Names Available Online For Considerably Less Per Dose

eDrugSearch.com today shared insights on the high cost of pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S., which continue to climb. According to the company, beginning in 2017, Americans will be completely surprised when a single pill may cost more than what they were paying for a full month’s medication supply. Many insurance companies, yet again, are changing internal formulary levels prompted by pharmacy benefits managers looking to increase insurance company profits.

For instance, Nexium (Omeprazole Magnesium) - 40mg, which continues to be dropped from formularies of most U.S. health insurance companies, has an average price of $6.90 per pill in comparison with $2.87 in Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, and an incredible $0.23 in Turkey. All of these lower-priced alternatives offer the exact original drug for these lower prices, not generic substitutes. Xenazine (tetrabenazine), which is a drug to treat involuntary movements caused by Huntington’s Disease, has the largest potential savings of 97%. In the U.S. the cost is $95 per pill; in New Zealand, $1.87.

According to Cary Byrd at eDrugSearch.com, “Patients who need their brand-name medicine and are not able to find another drug alternative or tolerate generic copies, and those who can not afford the inflated new pricing should know that the same exact drugs are easily found online at a much lower cost from licensed pharmacies. Licensed pharmacies outside of the U.S. can charge patients prices that average 74% lower than U.S. costs. In fact, patient/consumers can use eDrugSearch.com to save up to 90% off of their medication costs.”

Health industry research reveals that Americans are burdened with the choice of paying for their prescriptions, buying groceries or filling their cars with gas. Many patients have personally crossed borders to buy a 3-month supply to save considerable money on their drugs. Some asthma patients need inhalers costing $300-900 per month and have to find alternatives or suffer from their diseases.

eDrugSearch.com is the most trusted interactive website, giving patients the unique ability to connect with online Canadian pharmacies, which offer considerable savings off of U.S. retail process for critical prescriptions. U.S. consumers desperately want access to their skyrocketing, cost-prohibitive medications due to controversial U.S. mark-ups from pharmaceutical and insurance companies and use eDrugSearch because it has been a completely free resource since 2006.

Tens of millions of people residing in the United States can not fill their critical prescriptions due to cost. Many patients want to order their medications online, yet come up against perceived safety issues instead of buying “safer, regulated” prescription drugs from a certified U.S. pharmacy. The online marketplace is complex and misperception has lead to accepting these unfair marketplace prescription rules, hindering the public access to affordable medication for those who really need it most.

The site, https://edrugsearch.com, serves as a trusted directory for the world’s safest, registered online pharmacies. Patients are able to easily compare prescription drug prices and make informed decisions. Consumers needing medication can learn which pharmacies are best while searching for valuable Canadian online pharmacy coupons. eDrugSearch.com requires their suppliers to present registered proof of an online pharmacy license, adherence to rigid online pharmacy safety requirements, and adherence to verification standards set by third parties for online pharmacy accreditation organizations.

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