Offers Immediate Solution To Biggest Killer In Property Investment

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The real estate tech firm introduces solution to help property developers/owners in saving time and receiving rental immediately

Property might be one of the best investment vehicles in Malaysia that appreciates, but this is only true for the long-term view. When it comes to the present and short-term period, property owners may still face the dilemma of having a vacant property.

“You may be facing months or years of not being able to rent out your property, especially with the current pandemic, it might take a long time before you see any significant appreciation in your property value,” explained a spokesperson from TwoAcres. “This could potentially cost you financially while waiting for your property to appreciate.”

Unsurprisingly, this is a common dilemma in the property industry. To provide an answer to this no-win situation, TwoAcres has launched multiple property projects offering an immediate rental solution to property owners that will help them realize their real estate’s fullest potential.

Its latest NowHere Suites is one of the most flexible rentals in the city, focusing on median length stay which is around 5-6 months. Under this project, TwoAcres will fully handle renovation works for property owners and create a thoroughly curated space for living in the “Now & Here”.

Specifically, property owners will be given the option to accept an upfront renovation offer where the real estate firm will fund the renovation costs for vacant units to increase their value, and then rent them out through their platform.

In exchange, property owners who agree will provide a rent-free period equivalent to the upfront renovation value, and afterward, they start receiving rental income. This would greatly benefit property owners by saving design and renovation costs while getting financial security in which they can use to ease their monthly installments.

“Of course, the ultimate goal isn’t just to generate rental income,” the spokesperson added. “With the rental proof, we are enabling developers to sell their property at a higher price or refinancing their property to help generate free cash flow.”

So far, TwoAcres’ efforts have transformed more than 200 units across five different properties in Kuala Lumpur. You can find TwoAcres’ fully furnished homes located in prime areas of the capital, such as Jalan Ampang, Bukit Bintang, KL Sentral, and more.

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Based in Kuala Lumpur, TwoAcres is a real estate tech firm that aims to solve the property dilemma of the vacant bare unit. The team believes in bringing the internet spirit into the property industry and uses artificial intelligence to change the way property investing works. Currently, the company’s real estate portfolio includes the NowHere Suites, Freedom Rent, Panda Suites, and more.

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