TWILC Launches Mandarin Chinese Learning Site

TWILC – That's Why I Love Chinese is a new website which explains the ease and benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language globally, used by 1213 million people. – That's Why I Love Chinese and site founder Brett Slansky are pleased to announce the launch of their new website which describes the reasons for choosing Rocket Mandarin as an online approach for learning Mandarin Chinese. With China's growth in the business sector world wide and its dominance and fast-growth, the need for more people to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese is apparent. A basis of communication with the Chinese business people will benefit entrepreneurs as well as hobbyist who enjoys learning about other cultures.

Contrary to widely held beliefs, English is not the most widely spoken language in the world. In fact, it comes in third behind Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Learning a second language is a significant advantage which can improve a career, business or personal lifestyle. Finding the right course for learning is important. For most people, the factors which affect the choice of a course include price, time requirements and the ability to reach a level of facility as quickly as possible.

When an individual truly desires to learn Mandarin, the tools are available in a good online language course. The techniques on how to learn Chinese are available in a unique approach to language learning which requires only five minutes daily practising the skills. Language learning today is vastly improved. There has been a significant development in language assimilation during the past two decades and Rocket Mandarin uses those techniques.

According to the website information, there are seven different ways to learn Chinese in 5 minutes daily. The Mandarin language is coded into the brain and memory, permitting the student to communicate on high levels. The course is available on two levels with either physical CDs or online. By utilizing the seven different language learning tools, students will achieve great communication skills, the ability to understand native speakers, learn how to write Chinese characters and improve pronunciation by comparing with native speakers.

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