Twik - Innovative Personalization Automation Platform

Buckle Up, website owners. Twik is taking you to the top of web personalization

Twik, an Israeli based personalization automation startup, has finished their latest round of seed funding of 1.3 million dollars, which follows their pre-seed round of 2.2 million. The seed funds will be used to further the company’s goal of bringing change to the global online personalization automation market while giving back to the public who supported them from the start.

Based on unique visitors’ demographics, psychographics, and behavioral data, the new cloud platform Twik customizes content and customer experience specifically for each visitor.
Based on pre-selected key performance indicators, Twik identifies each customer’s intent in real-time and triggers content delivery as unique as the customer. This ultimately offers an engaging experience for each visitor while incorporating the site owner’s objectives at the same time. The end result is a dramatic increase in conversions for any type of website.

"Overall, Twik's goal was to simplify the idea of improving conversion rate, which we have done using a single line of code,” explains Roi Sorezki, Twik’s CEO. “Twik offers numerous services that increase conversions by first identifying visitors, understanding who they are, what their intentions are, where they come from; while simultaneously identify the business objectives of the site owner. This ultimately leads to increased ROI and revenues by offering consumers what they want and allowing business owners to achieve their business goals."

By putting two sides of the coin together, the company is leading the automation personalization market which is taking the online industry by storm. The global personalization market is continuously growing as more consumers are looking for content, products, and a shopping experience tailored directly towards them. Current market customized solutions can be complex and costly, Twik is out to change that by offering a scalable, customizable and automatic solution for any online business with a very small learning curve and no technical complexity.

"In order to continue to invest in the system, we decided to go out to the people,” says Sorezki, “We’ve allowed the general public to put in, so they will enjoy the fruits of Twik’s growth in the next few years."

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