Twelve Year Old Author in Idaho Seeks to Publish Her First Novel

IDAHO FALLS, ID / March 24, 2014 / A family in Idaho is supporting a young, twelve year old author as she seeks to publish her first novel, Dragonstone Chronicles, Volume One - The Journey to Death's Gate. Emma Mary Hart is a sixth grader with creative ideas as big as new worlds. She and her father, John Hart, have been working on her novel together for three years.

Emma conceived of the characters, settings, and many of the plots of Dragonstone Chronicles when she was nine years old. For three years she has been working with her father and her family to flesh out the details of her world and her story and put it into words and illustrations. Now the first volume in the series is a manuscript 450 pages long. The family has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish the novel.

The Young Adult fantasy novel follows a group of youth who must overcome their fears and prejudices to work together and fight a growing source of evil in the world. Death's Gate has been opened and it is up to the group to find a way to close it forever. Their journey to do so is filled with adventure, peril, plots, and wonders from the imagination of a young creative prodigy.

Adding to the wonder in the story are the dragons. Hatched from the fabled "Dragonstones" each dragon has three key elements of precious metals and gemstones that give the dragon its traits, personality, and powers. The dragons rule over all life by exercising the power of Pri. Yet this power is being challenged by the rise of a new power found deep in the hearts of humans.

Emma's novel focuses on themes of facing the challenges of life with courage, friendship, and inner strength. She wanted to explore how trust is developed and what her characters would do when that trust is betrayed. As in real life, the hero of one part of the story may well seem the antagonist of another. As a result, her characters have a sense of real depth surrounded by an imaginary world brought into vivid reality.

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