TV Host / Int. Fitness Model Christina Halkiopoulos Signs Largest Spokes Model Contract

Fitness model and Facebook sensation, Christina Halkiopoulos has signed mega contract with Gentech Pharmaceutical and donates large percentage to benefit cancer.

Sexy Christina Halkiopoulos made the jump from TV Host and internet bikini /fitness sensation to Super Model status when she was signed by one of the largest and fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the world – Gentech Pharmaceutical.

Christina’s success is a byproduct of being a huge global sensation on the social media giant platforms of Facebook/Twitter/YouTube. Her incredible beauty, physique and down to earth personality have earned her international fame and what she considers to be the world’s greatest fans!

Christina is known as being one of the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts in the planet and is quite unusual in the fact that she always stays in contact with her fans and constantly provides them with motivation, strategies and personal insights for health and happiness.

Gentech Pharmaceutical is the global leader of non-prescription pharmaceuticals and is known for combining the worlds of medicine and technology to create advanced alternatives to drugs/medications for patients in over 47 countries. “Christina is more than just one of the most beautiful women in the world” says Gentech CEO Derek Vest. “Christina is passionate in her healthy approach to fitness and nutrition and sharing her success with her fans. She is exceptional in her intellect, beauty and desire to help others succeed. Gentech was pleased to that Christina was a big fan of our products and used them personally before we even worked on the possibility of her being a spokes model”.

While Christina works incredibly hard and truly earns every penny she makes, it is important to know that she is allocating a substantial portion of her Gentech earnings to cancer research and drug development. Her fans were recently treated to her new website:

About Gentech Pharmaceutical
Gentech Pharmaceutical is a research and development company for designer pharmacological alternatives or non-prescription pharmaceuticals. Gentech Pharmaceutical applies the science of perfecting and improving current medications and OTC formulations/chemical structures to produce “designer pharmacological alternatives” without the side effects.

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