TurningPoint Medical Group Offers Breakthrough Therapies for Healing

TurningPointMedicalGroup.com is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering the newest and most tech innovative therapies for physical therapy, gyrostim therapy and more

TurningPoint Medical Group is proud to be the region’s leading super-clinic that offers patient multi-disciplinary services. The doctors at this clinic are considered world class specialists in a number of treatment areas, including massage therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and physical therapy. With treatment from this super-clinic, patients receive coordinated and integrated care all under one roof to ensure optimal results are achieved.

“At our super-clinic, patients have access to field proven programs, and treatments and therapies offered by nationally and internationally recognized specialists and therapists,” stated company representative Markus Ernst. “We are dedicated to providing superior care to members of our community by delivering advanced healthcare programs and services, all distinguished by the compassion and skill of our team of caregivers. By providing the highest quality services, we are able to achieve superior customer satisfaction.”

The staff at TurningPoint Medical Group provides a wide array of comprehensive health care services. The staff offers diagnostic services, which include 24 lead qEEG brain mapping, Nuerocomm Computerized Posturography and VNG in the office. They also use outsourced services for treatments such as MRI, CT scan, PET, ultrasound, electro-diagnostics, x-ray and laboratory services.

“Our super-clinic is made up of three different entities, which include the Innate Consulting, Body Workshop, and CBT-Brain Centers,” continued Ernst. “With a dedication to superior customer satisfaction, our team is able to help anyone who needs therapy and treatments in the area.”

More information about the services provided by TurningPoint Medical Group is available on the website. The clinic offers free new patient consultation to ensure they offer the services that a patient may want or need.


TurningPoint Medical Group consists of a team of healthcare specialists who range from physical therapists and physicians to clerical staff and technicians. Each staff member at this facility is part of a caring, extended family. The dedicated staff spends hour after hour helping the Medical Group fulfill the mission of providing superior services to the community. There is no question that the clinic has a customer-centric focus and dedicated to ensuring that everyone receives the service they want and need. The company strives to offer superior services to each patient while emphasizing how important it is to ensure individuals receive the treatments they want and need. The entire clinic has a people-oriented focus to ensure quality services are provided.

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