TurboFlash Announces Back to School Sale on LED Headlamps and Mini Flashlight

Ted Roberson, founder of Home Standard, successful Amazon seller and stellar landscaping marketer, announces 25% discount End of Summer and Back to School sale on Turboflash LED lighting products

Summer is coming to an end and it's time to think about getting ready to go back to school. While the school provides a list of products needed to purchase for classroom needs, the list doesn't cover some items that are crucial for returning to school.

Days are getting shorter and Daylights Saving Time is ending soon, meaning that some children leave the house to catch the school bus before it is fully daylight and activities after school mean they may not return until after dark.

Children must be safe in any situation. Having an easy to use LED light, either an LED headlamp or LED flashlight, can provide the safety they need. Walking in darkness puts children in danger of being abducted easily while an LED light allows the child to see clearly in the darkness so they can avoid dangerous situations.

A TurboFlash LED mini flashlight is a must-have for every child. It is small enough to be used easily by small hands. It is easy to change lighting modes from super bright to normal light to emergency strobe and even SOS light for serious situations. The handy wrist strap allows the child to carry the light easily and, should a situation arise where the child is in danger, the LED mini flashlight can even be swung as a weapon to stun the person causing the dangerous situation and allow the child time to run to safety in a public place to get help.

For children that play outdoors after dark, the TurboFlash LED headlamp is a must for hands-free bright lighting. The lighting modes include an emergency strobe is danger arises. Both the TurboFlash LED Headlamp and the TurboFlash mini flashlight are fully waterproof and easy to recharge with the included AC charger. The charge lasts a really long time and the lights can be seen from a great distance. Each product comes in a handy plastic storage cage that when closed properly is fully waterproof also.

These TurboFlash LED products are top quality and a great deal at their normal price. With the 25% discount, they are a value consumers should not miss. Every child needs an LED lighting device for their backpack or purse and these are the best products for the money.

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Name: Ted Roberson
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Phone: 719-963-3570
Organization: TurboFlash

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