Turbocharging As An Important Fuel-Saving Technology

Comprises everything from traditional turbo units to designs that will drive the future of the automotive industry, APT Turbocharger System offers a complete range of turbocharger products, designed to boost performance by increasing efficiency and lowering emissions.

The prices of petrol have been known to rise quickly but fall slowly, and they do undoubtedly put a noticeable dent in car owners’ wallets. With petrol prices continuing to fluctuate all throughout, automakers face a pressing need for fuel-efficient power. What better way than to install turbochargers in cars, which will result in an exponential increase in power output without using more fuel. As a powerful path to fuel efficiency, a downsized turbocharged engine requires lesser fuel to produce the same amount of power as a non-turbocharged engine. Therefore, a turbocharged engine brings about a substantial fuel cost savings and it is a no wonder that a significant rise in the use of turbos is observed.

Aimed at serving a worldwide audience who is increasingly demanding of quality vehicle performance, APT Turbocharger System offers a wide variety of products, ranging from repair kits right to performance turbochargers that are designed to serve the global ‎transport‬ ‎industry‬ – from cars to heavy vehicles, and even ships. Turbochargers from APT meets the higher fuel economy standards and reduce emissions while maintaining excellent power and performance. APT Turbocharger System is not one to rest on their laurels, therefore with the pace of technological and design change getting faster, they are constantly keeping up with the rapid changes by incorporating state-of-the-art technology into their turbocharger units.

With the benefits of owning advanced production technology, APT Turbocharger System also provides a complete range of tests, including turbine rotor dynamic balancing test, impeller rotor dynamic balancing test, integrative high-speed dynamic balancing test and entire machine release test. As a trusted provider of the latest generation VNT and VGT turbos units that promise low-speed efficiency and reliability, APT Turbocharger System‬ strives to offer competitive prices for their high-quality turbo units as well as turbocharger repair services‬ for any ‪turbo‬ in need of an overhaul.‬‬

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About APT Turbocharger System: Recognised worldwide as a quality, reliable and preferred supplier, APT Turbocharger System provides the widest range of high tech turbo units, cores, and repair kits for small to medium size turbo workshops to multinational automotive manufacturing divisions. Clients are offered detailed cataloguing and technical data service and the impeccably trained team members are on hand through every step of the ordering and after sales service. There is a growing base of well-trained dealers who offer technical support faster and with a higher knowledge and expertise in fulfilling customers’ best interests. The APT Turbocharger System’s presence is currently strongest in Asia, with growing links to countries in South America and South Africa.

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