Turapur Water Pitcher Review Reveals New Hydrogen Rich Fountain of Energy

Unlike other filtration devices, Turapur Water Pitcher not only removes the impurities from water, but adds hydrogen ions to it which balance the free radicals responsible for oxidative damage.

Turapur Water Pitcher is a newly launched filtration device that creates hydrogen rich water beneficial for the body in numerous ways. These include the marking down of effects of aging and prevention from related degenerative diseases. Unlike other filtration devices, it not only removes the impurities from water, but adds hydrogen ions to it which balance the free radicals responsible for oxidative damage. Due to its anti aging properties, it may also be referred to as “The Fountain of Youth”.

Hydrogen rich water has been proven to have health related benefits. According to the work of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Hydrogen is the world’s most efficient and oldest antioxidants. Water which is rich in the free existing ions of this element is, therefore, extremely beneficial for the health. It helps fight the process that leads to aging and certain diseases. Not only this, it also works as a fuel for the body and is used by athletes as well in order to boost up their energy levels.

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The basic principle in the case of the Turapur pitcher is the same like other filtration devices. Water is added from the top of the pitcher and it comes out from the bottom, purified. However, the apparatus differs from other water filters since hydrogen ions are added to the water as it passes through the filter layers. The device has special mineral layers in these filters including magnesium, infrared ceramics and tourmaline.

While passing through these layers, the water reacts with the minerals and produces free hydrogen ions. As a result, the water is enriched with hydrogen. These mineral layers include The best part about Turapur Water Pitcher is that it removes the antioxidants from the body simply by drinking water. There is no need of eating fruits and vegetables all day or trying different recipes for detox drinks and smoothies or using herbs.

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The story behind the creation of Turapur Water Pitcher is quite interesting. Nate Rifkin, the creator of this device once met a man who was about to turn fifty but looked like a thirty year old. When he talked to the man, he came to know that the reason behind his youthfulness was a machine that produced water with hydrogen ions.

He paid the man a huge amount and bought the machine to test himself. He then tested it with ORP meter, a device that tells how much a liquid can deoxidize or oxidize. He tested normal tap water, bottle water and water produced by the machine. After his thorough testing, he found out how hydrogen rich water can be more beneficial and effective as compared to regular water.

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Turapur Water Pitcher is worth buying as this filtration device not only helps in providing pure water but provides antioxidant rich water. The benefits include the slowing down of ageing, alertness of mind, improved health of the joints and enhanced energy levels. Not only this, hydrogen rich water is also know for reducing headaches, improving blood pressure, preventing heart diseases and reducing arthritic symptoms.

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