Turapur Water Pitcher Review: BPA Free Filtration Device Purifies Water Completely From Any Impurities

Turapur Water Pitcher is a BPA free filtration device that purifies water completely from any impurities before it reaches the drinker’s lips.

Turapur Water Pitcher is used to make hydrogen rich water that affects the overall health of a person including lessening the symptoms of aging. The water pitcher by Turapur is also referred to as the “fountain of youth” for the antioxidant properties that it provides.

Pure water is an essential part of life. The water makes up 60% of a person’s body and 73% of a person’s heart and brain. Adequate amounts of water improve a person’s health and aids in releasing the toxins from the body. Unfortunately, more and more people fall sick or even die as a result of drinking impure water. This is because more than 783 million people don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water which eventually lands them in hospitals.

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However, just like every problem – there is a solution to the global concern as well. Turapur Water Pitcher is a BPA free filtration device that purifies water completely from any impurities before it reaches the drinker’s lips. The Turapur Water Pitcher is simple to use. Users just have to fill the pitcher with regular drinking water. The special filtering components installed inside will change the water into hydrogen rich water.

The filtering system works in two ways to provide the users with high-quality water. In the first stage, the special filtering layer of NSF certified activated carbon eliminates the bad odor and taste from the water. This stage also softens the water. The second stage uses a mixture of magnesium, tourmaline, and infrared chemicals to free the hydrogen content in the water. The end result is pure and safe drinking water.

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Undoubtedly, hydrogen rich water possesses many benefits for its users. The advantages include:

• Detoxification
• Better digestion
• More energy
• More focus and concentration
• Regulates body temperature
• Lubricated joints and muscles
• Reduced effects of aging
• Better nutrient absorption by the body
• Safe for cooking as well

Scientific research has also claimed that water enriched with hydrogen ions reduces the risk of several diseases including diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

The Turapur Water Pitcher is exclusively available on the brand’s website for only $69.95.the customers are automatically enrolled in the auto billing program at the time of purchasing the water pitcher. With the auto billing program, the consumers are automatically sent a replacement filter by the manufacturers every six months. The Turapur Water pitcher also comes with 100% money back guaranteed for any broken or damaged part within 3 years of purchase.

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The only drawback that comes with the Turapur Water Pitcher is that it is only available in 49 states of America. The company does not specify the reason but the water pitcher cannot be purchased by residents of California due to some “regulations and limitations” by the state. Overall, the Turapur Water pitcher seems like a worthy product especially for those who don’t have access to quality drinking water. Give it a try. The pitcher is backed by scientific research making it a good choice.

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