Turapur Pitcher Review Reveals New Water Pitcher With a Powerful Antioxidant

Turapur Pitcher creates hydrogen-rich water which consists of hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants. It helps scale down oxidizing actions and accordingly marks down the chances of someone getting on the sick list.

Drinking purified water is essential for preventing pathogenic diseases. There are various filtration systems available which can purify tap water. However, Turapur Pitcher is an innovative water purifier that actually enriches the water with hydrogen ions which play a significant role in maintaining health. Therefore, in addition to getting clean water, users can enjoy added health benefits.

This revolutionary water purifying system is developed by Nate Rifkin. He bought the prototype for $4,000 from a man who looked much younger than his age. The secret behind his youth was hydrogen-rich water. After putting the prototype to several trials, Nate was able to come up with the Turapur Pitcher and offer it at a much affordable price to the world.

REVEALED: New Water Pitcher With The Most Powerful Antioxidant

The benefits of water rich in hydrogen ions have been proved by studies conducted in Japan. According to these studies, the enriched water improves the metabolism of lipids as well as glucose in the body of individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes. It can, therefore, help diabetic patients bring their blood glucose levels in balance. Although it does not cure the disease, the pitcher does bring an improvement in the condition.

In addition, hydrogen ions are also effective at fighting against free radicals in the body. These are extremely harmful compounds which accelerate the process of ageing. As a result, various tissues and organs of the body go through degeneration. Free radicals find their way into the body through various sources including environmental pollution and a junk food diet. The substances which have the power to combat free radicals are known as antioxidant. Free hydrogen ions also exhibit antioxidant properties.

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This means hydrogen rich water can be referred to as “antioxidant water”. It is highly effective at slowing down the process of ageing and yields multiple benefits in turn. For instance, a younger looking skin, better metabolism and high energy levels can be achieved.

This unique filtration system consists of mineral layers. When tap water passes through these layers, it reacts with these minerals, such as magnesium. As a result of this reaction, free hydrogen ions are produced. This is a simple process which occurs spontaneously as water comes into contact with the mineral layers. The reaction is quick and yields the products in no time. This means users can get purified and enriched water instantly.

The Turapur Pitcher is available at a highly affordable price - $39.95. Buyers have to pay a small shipping and handling fees which amounts to $4.95. The pitcher comes with filters which can be used up to a period of 60 days. New filters can then be purchased later. However, the manufacturer has made this process easier for buyers. When they purchase the product from the official website, they are automatically signed up for Turapur Autoship Program.

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Members of this program receive fresh filters on a regular basis and their credit card is charged each time. In this way, users will have a new supply of filters as soon as the old one becomes obsolete.

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